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......@@ -17,6 +17,8 @@ version 0.7.3:
- MIPS fixes to boot Linux (Daniel Jacobowitz)
- NX bit support
- Initial SPARC SMP support (Blue Swirl)
- Major overhaul of the virtual FAT driver for read/write support
(Johannes Schindelin)
version 0.7.2:
......@@ -755,6 +755,39 @@ command (or @key{C-a s} in the serial console).
@include qemu-img.texi
@subsection Virtual FAT disk images
QEMU can automatically create a virtual FAT disk image from a
directory tree. In order to use it, just type:
qemu linux.img -hdb fat:/my_directory
@end example
Then you access access to all the files in the @file{/my_directory}
directory without having to copy them in a disk image or to export
them via SAMBA or NFS. The default access is @emph{read-only}.
Floppies can be emulated with the @code{:floppy:} option:
qemu linux.img -fda fat:floppy:/my_directory
@end example
A read/write support is available for testing (beta stage) with the
@code{:rw:} option:
qemu linux.img -fda fat:floppy:rw:/my_directory
@end example
What you should @emph{never} do:
@item use non-ASCII filenames ;
@item use "-snapshot" together with ":rw:" ;
@item expect it to work when loadvm'ing.
@end itemize
@section Network emulation
QEMU can simulate several networks cards (NE2000 boards on the PC
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