Commit 1b8dd648 authored by blueswir1's avatar blueswir1
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Fix Sparc64 stat system call

git-svn-id: svn:// c046a42c-6fe2-441c-8c8c-71466251a162
parent 17d996e1
......@@ -3535,7 +3535,7 @@ long do_syscall(void *cpu_env, int num, long arg1, long arg2, long arg3,
struct target_stat *target_st;
lock_user_struct(target_st, arg2, 0);
#if defined(TARGET_MIPS)
#if defined(TARGET_MIPS) || defined(TARGET_SPARC64)
target_st->st_dev = tswap32(st.st_dev);
target_st->st_dev = tswap16(st.st_dev);
......@@ -3545,6 +3545,10 @@ long do_syscall(void *cpu_env, int num, long arg1, long arg2, long arg3,
target_st->st_mode = tswapl(st.st_mode); /* XXX: check this */
target_st->st_uid = tswap32(st.st_uid);
target_st->st_gid = tswap32(st.st_gid);
#elif defined(TARGET_SPARC64)
target_st->st_mode = tswap32(st.st_mode);
target_st->st_uid = tswap32(st.st_uid);
target_st->st_gid = tswap32(st.st_gid);
target_st->st_mode = tswap16(st.st_mode);
target_st->st_uid = tswap16(st.st_uid);
......@@ -3554,6 +3558,9 @@ long do_syscall(void *cpu_env, int num, long arg1, long arg2, long arg3,
/* If this is the same on PPC, then just merge w/ the above ifdef */
target_st->st_nlink = tswapl(st.st_nlink);
target_st->st_rdev = tswapl(st.st_rdev);
#elif defined(TARGET_SPARC64)
target_st->st_nlink = tswap32(st.st_nlink);
target_st->st_rdev = tswap32(st.st_rdev);
target_st->st_nlink = tswap16(st.st_nlink);
target_st->st_rdev = tswap16(st.st_rdev);
......@@ -962,6 +962,57 @@ struct target_eabi_stat64 {
} __attribute__ ((packed));
#elif defined(TARGET_SPARC64)
struct target_stat {
unsigned int st_dev;
target_ulong st_ino;
unsigned int st_mode;
unsigned int st_nlink;
unsigned int st_uid;
unsigned int st_gid;
unsigned int st_rdev;
target_long st_size;
target_long target_st_atime;
target_long target_st_mtime;
target_long target_st_ctime;
target_long st_blksize;
target_long st_blocks;
target_ulong __unused4[2];
struct target_stat64 {
unsigned char __pad0[6];
unsigned short st_dev;
uint64_t st_ino;
uint64_t st_nlink;
unsigned int st_mode;
unsigned int st_uid;
unsigned int st_gid;
unsigned char __pad2[6];
unsigned short st_rdev;
int64_t st_size;
int64_t st_blksize;
unsigned char __pad4[4];
unsigned int st_blocks;
target_ulong target_st_atime;
target_ulong __unused1;
target_ulong target_st_mtime;
target_ulong __unused2;
target_ulong target_st_ctime;
target_ulong __unused3;
target_ulong __unused4[3];
#elif defined(TARGET_SPARC)
struct target_stat {
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