Commit 11568d6d authored by Paolo Bonzini's avatar Paolo Bonzini Committed by Blue Swirl
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move "ln -sf" emulation to a function

"ln -sf" does not really do anything more than "ln -s" on Solaris.
Signed-off-by: default avatarPaolo Bonzini <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarBlue Swirl <>
parent 3ec87ffe
......@@ -32,6 +32,12 @@ compile_prog() {
$cc $QEMU_CFLAGS $local_cflags -o $TMPE $TMPC $LDFLAGS $local_ldflags >> config.log 2>&1
# symbolically link $1 to $2. Portable version of "ln -sf".
symlink() {
rm -f $2
ln -s $1 $2
# check whether a command is available to this shell (may be either an
# executable or a builtin)
has() {
......@@ -2811,8 +2817,7 @@ fi
for d in libdis libdis-user; do
mkdir -p $d
rm -f $d/Makefile
ln -s $source_path/Makefile.dis $d/Makefile
symlink $source_path/Makefile.dis $d/Makefile
echo > $d/config.mak
if test "$static" = "no" -a "$user_pie" = "yes" ; then
......@@ -2876,12 +2881,7 @@ mkdir -p $target_dir/ide
if test "$target" = "arm-linux-user" -o "$target" = "armeb-linux-user" -o "$target" = "arm-bsd-user" -o "$target" = "armeb-bsd-user" ; then
mkdir -p $target_dir/nwfpe
# don't use ln -sf as not all "ln -sf" over write the file/link
rm -f $target_dir/Makefile
ln -s $source_path/ $target_dir/Makefile
symlink $source_path/ $target_dir/Makefile
echo "# Automatically generated by configure - do not modify" > $config_target_mak
......@@ -3250,10 +3250,8 @@ if test "$source_path_used" = "yes" ; then
for dir in $DIRS ; do
mkdir -p $dir
# remove the link and recreate it, as not all "ln -sf" overwrite the link
for f in $FILES ; do
rm -f $f
ln -s $source_path/$f $f
symlink $source_path/$f $f
......@@ -3275,15 +3273,13 @@ for hwlib in 32 64; do
mkdir -p $d
mkdir -p $d/ide
rm -f $d/Makefile
ln -s $source_path/Makefile.hw $d/Makefile
symlink $source_path/Makefile.hw $d/Makefile
echo "QEMU_CFLAGS+=-DTARGET_PHYS_ADDR_BITS=$hwlib" > $d/config.mak
mkdir -p $d
rm -f $d/Makefile
ln -s $source_path/Makefile.user $d/Makefile
symlink $source_path/Makefile.user $d/Makefile
if test "$static" = "no" -a "$user_pie" = "yes" ; then
echo "QEMU_CFLAGS+=-fpie" > $d/config.mak
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