Commit 08e11256 authored by Peter Maydell's avatar Peter Maydell Committed by Riku Voipio
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ARM: linux-user: Expose iWMMXT registers to signal handlers

Signed-off-by: default avatarPeter Maydell <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarRiku Voipio <>
parent 5f9099d9
......@@ -1130,7 +1130,21 @@ struct target_vfp_sigframe {
struct target_user_vfp_exc ufp_exc;
} __attribute__((__aligned__(8)));
struct target_iwmmxt_sigframe {
abi_ulong magic;
abi_ulong size;
uint64_t regs[16];
/* Note that not all the coprocessor control registers are stored here */
uint32_t wcssf;
uint32_t wcasf;
uint32_t wcgr0;
uint32_t wcgr1;
uint32_t wcgr2;
uint32_t wcgr3;
} __attribute__((__aligned__(8)));
#define TARGET_VFP_MAGIC 0x56465001
#define TARGET_IWMMXT_MAGIC 0x12ef842a
struct sigframe_v1
......@@ -1292,6 +1306,25 @@ static abi_ulong *setup_sigframe_v2_vfp(abi_ulong *regspace, CPUState *env)
return (abi_ulong*)(vfpframe+1);
static abi_ulong *setup_sigframe_v2_iwmmxt(abi_ulong *regspace, CPUState *env)
int i;
struct target_iwmmxt_sigframe *iwmmxtframe;
iwmmxtframe = (struct target_iwmmxt_sigframe *)regspace;
__put_user(TARGET_IWMMXT_MAGIC, &iwmmxtframe->magic);
__put_user(sizeof(*iwmmxtframe), &iwmmxtframe->size);
for (i = 0; i < 16; i++) {
__put_user(env->iwmmxt.regs[i], &iwmmxtframe->regs[i]);
__put_user(env->vfp.xregs[ARM_IWMMXT_wCSSF], &iwmmxtframe->wcssf);
__put_user(env->vfp.xregs[ARM_IWMMXT_wCASF], &iwmmxtframe->wcssf);
__put_user(env->vfp.xregs[ARM_IWMMXT_wCGR0], &iwmmxtframe->wcgr0);
__put_user(env->vfp.xregs[ARM_IWMMXT_wCGR1], &iwmmxtframe->wcgr1);
__put_user(env->vfp.xregs[ARM_IWMMXT_wCGR2], &iwmmxtframe->wcgr2);
__put_user(env->vfp.xregs[ARM_IWMMXT_wCGR3], &iwmmxtframe->wcgr3);
return (abi_ulong*)(iwmmxtframe+1);
static void setup_sigframe_v2(struct target_ucontext_v2 *uc,
target_sigset_t *set, CPUState *env)
......@@ -1314,6 +1347,10 @@ static void setup_sigframe_v2(struct target_ucontext_v2 *uc,
if (arm_feature(env, ARM_FEATURE_VFP)) {
regspace = setup_sigframe_v2_vfp(regspace, env);
if (arm_feature(env, ARM_FEATURE_IWMMXT)) {
regspace = setup_sigframe_v2_iwmmxt(regspace, env);
/* Write terminating magic word */
__put_user(0, regspace);
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