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Rework m68k cpu feature flags.

git-svn-id: svn:// c046a42c-6fe2-441c-8c8c-71466251a162
parent 6b3a45cc
......@@ -1974,7 +1974,7 @@ int main(int argc, char **argv)
#elif defined(TARGET_M68K)
if (cpu_model == NULL)
cpu_model = "cfv4e";
cpu_model = "any";
if (cpu_m68k_set_model(env, cpu_model)) {
"Unable to find m68k CPU definition\n");
......@@ -85,6 +85,8 @@ typedef struct CPUM68KState {
uint32_t mbar;
uint32_t rambar0;
uint32_t features;
/* ??? remove this. */
uint32_t t1;
......@@ -151,6 +153,23 @@ void m68k_set_irq_level(CPUM68KState *env, int level, uint8_t vector);
void do_m68k_semihosting(CPUM68KState *env, int nr);
enum m68k_features {
M68K_FEATURE_EXT_FULL /* 68020+ full extension word. */
static inline int m68k_feature(CPUM68KState *env, int feature)
return (env->features & (1u << feature)) != 0;
void register_m68k_insns (CPUM68KState *env);
/* Linux uses 8k pages. */
......@@ -20,11 +20,74 @@
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include "config.h"
#include "cpu.h"
#include "exec-all.h"
enum m68k_cpuid {
struct m68k_def_t {
const char * name;
enum m68k_cpuid id;
static m68k_def_t m68k_cpu_defs[] = {
{"m5206", M68K_CPUID_M5206},
{"cfv4e", M68K_CPUID_CFV4E},
{"any", M68K_CPUID_ANY},
{NULL, 0},
static void m68k_set_feature(CPUM68KState *env, int feature)
env->features |= (1u << feature);
int cpu_m68k_set_model(CPUM68KState *env, const char * name)
m68k_def_t *def;
for (def = m68k_cpu_defs; def->name; def++) {
if (strcmp(def->name, name) == 0)
if (!def->name)
return 1;
switch (def->id) {
case M68K_CPUID_M5206:
m68k_set_feature(env, M68K_FEATURE_CF_ISA_A);
case M68K_CPUID_CFV4E:
m68k_set_feature(env, M68K_FEATURE_CF_ISA_A);
m68k_set_feature(env, M68K_FEATURE_CF_ISA_B);
m68k_set_feature(env, M68K_FEATURE_CF_ISA_C);
m68k_set_feature(env, M68K_FEATURE_CF_FPU);
m68k_set_feature(env, M68K_FEATURE_CF_MAC);
m68k_set_feature(env, M68K_FEATURE_CF_EMAC);
case M68K_CPUID_ANY:
m68k_set_feature(env, M68K_FEATURE_CF_ISA_A);
m68k_set_feature(env, M68K_FEATURE_CF_ISA_B);
m68k_set_feature(env, M68K_FEATURE_CF_ISA_C);
m68k_set_feature(env, M68K_FEATURE_CF_FPU);
m68k_set_feature(env, M68K_FEATURE_CF_MAC);
m68k_set_feature(env, M68K_FEATURE_CF_EMAC);
m68k_set_feature(env, M68K_FEATURE_EXT_FULL);
return 0;
void cpu_m68k_flush_flags(CPUM68KState *env, int cc_op)
int flags;
......@@ -108,25 +108,6 @@ enum {
#define AREG(insn, pos) (((insn >> pos) & 7) + QREG_A0)
#define FREG(insn, pos) (((insn >> pos) & 7) + QREG_F0)
#define M68K_INSN_CF_A (1 << 0)
#define M68K_INSN_CF_B (1 << 1)
#define M68K_INSN_CF_C (1 << 2)
#define M68K_INSN_CF_MAC (1 << 3)
#define M68K_INSN_CF_EMAC (1 << 4)
#define M68K_INSN_CF_FPU (1 << 5)
struct m68k_def_t {
const char * name;
uint32_t insns;
static m68k_def_t m68k_cpu_defs[] = {
{"m5206", M68K_INSN_CF_A},
{"cfv4e", M68K_INSN_CF_A | M68K_INSN_CF_B | M68K_INSN_CF_C
{NULL, 0},
typedef void (*disas_proc)(DisasContext *, uint16_t);
......@@ -2348,109 +2329,105 @@ register_opcode (disas_proc proc, uint16_t opcode, uint16_t mask)
/* Register m68k opcode handlers. Order is important.
Later insn override earlier ones. */
static void
register_m68k_insns (m68k_def_t *def)
void register_m68k_insns (CPUM68KState *env)
uint32_t iflags;
iflags = def->insns;
#define INSN(name, opcode, mask, isa) \
if (iflags & M68K_INSN_##isa) \
#define INSN(name, opcode, mask, feature) \
if (m68k_feature(env, M68K_FEATURE_##feature)) \
register_opcode(disas_##name, 0x##opcode, 0x##mask)
INSN(undef, 0000, 0000, CF_A);
INSN(arith_im, 0080, fff8, CF_A);
INSN(bitrev, 00c0, fff8, CF_C);
INSN(bitop_reg, 0100, f1c0, CF_A);
INSN(bitop_reg, 0140, f1c0, CF_A);
INSN(bitop_reg, 0180, f1c0, CF_A);
INSN(bitop_reg, 01c0, f1c0, CF_A);
INSN(arith_im, 0280, fff8, CF_A);
INSN(byterev, 02c0, fff8, CF_A);
INSN(arith_im, 0480, fff8, CF_A);
INSN(ff1, 04c0, fff8, CF_C);
INSN(arith_im, 0680, fff8, CF_A);
INSN(bitop_im, 0800, ffc0, CF_A);
INSN(bitop_im, 0840, ffc0, CF_A);
INSN(bitop_im, 0880, ffc0, CF_A);
INSN(bitop_im, 08c0, ffc0, CF_A);
INSN(arith_im, 0a80, fff8, CF_A);
INSN(arith_im, 0c00, ff38, CF_A);
INSN(move, 1000, f000, CF_A);
INSN(move, 2000, f000, CF_A);
INSN(move, 3000, f000, CF_A);
INSN(strldsr, 40e7, ffff, CF_A);
INSN(negx, 4080, fff8, CF_A);
INSN(move_from_sr, 40c0, fff8, CF_A);
INSN(lea, 41c0, f1c0, CF_A);
INSN(clr, 4200, ff00, CF_A);
INSN(undef, 42c0, ffc0, CF_A);
INSN(move_from_ccr, 42c0, fff8, CF_A);
INSN(neg, 4480, fff8, CF_A);
INSN(move_to_ccr, 44c0, ffc0, CF_A);
INSN(not, 4680, fff8, CF_A);
INSN(move_to_sr, 46c0, ffc0, CF_A);
INSN(pea, 4840, ffc0, CF_A);
INSN(swap, 4840, fff8, CF_A);
INSN(movem, 48c0, fbc0, CF_A);
INSN(ext, 4880, fff8, CF_A);
INSN(ext, 48c0, fff8, CF_A);
INSN(ext, 49c0, fff8, CF_A);
INSN(tst, 4a00, ff00, CF_A);
INSN(tas, 4ac0, ffc0, CF_B);
INSN(halt, 4ac8, ffff, CF_A);
INSN(pulse, 4acc, ffff, CF_A);
INSN(illegal, 4afc, ffff, CF_A);
INSN(mull, 4c00, ffc0, CF_A);
INSN(divl, 4c40, ffc0, CF_A);
INSN(sats, 4c80, fff8, CF_B);
INSN(trap, 4e40, fff0, CF_A);
INSN(link, 4e50, fff8, CF_A);
INSN(unlk, 4e58, fff8, CF_A);
INSN(move_to_usp, 4e60, fff8, CF_B);
INSN(move_from_usp, 4e68, fff8, CF_B);
INSN(nop, 4e71, ffff, CF_A);
INSN(stop, 4e72, ffff, CF_A);
INSN(rte, 4e73, ffff, CF_A);
INSN(rts, 4e75, ffff, CF_A);
INSN(movec, 4e7b, ffff, CF_A);
INSN(jump, 4e80, ffc0, CF_A);
INSN(jump, 4ec0, ffc0, CF_A);
INSN(addsubq, 5180, f1c0, CF_A);
INSN(scc, 50c0, f0f8, CF_A);
INSN(addsubq, 5080, f1c0, CF_A);
INSN(tpf, 51f8, fff8, CF_A);
INSN(branch, 6000, f000, CF_A);
INSN(moveq, 7000, f100, CF_A);
INSN(mvzs, 7100, f100, CF_B);
INSN(or, 8000, f000, CF_A);
INSN(divw, 80c0, f0c0, CF_A);
INSN(addsub, 9000, f000, CF_A);
INSN(subx, 9180, f1f8, CF_A);
INSN(suba, 91c0, f1c0, CF_A);
INSN(undef_mac, a000, f000, CF_A);
INSN(mov3q, a140, f1c0, CF_B);
INSN(cmp, b000, f1c0, CF_B); /* cmp.b */
INSN(cmp, b040, f1c0, CF_B); /* cmp.w */
INSN(cmpa, b0c0, f1c0, CF_B); /* cmpa.w */
INSN(cmp, b080, f1c0, CF_A);
INSN(cmpa, b1c0, f1c0, CF_A);
INSN(eor, b180, f1c0, CF_A);
INSN(and, c000, f000, CF_A);
INSN(mulw, c0c0, f0c0, CF_A);
INSN(addsub, d000, f000, CF_A);
INSN(addx, d180, f1f8, CF_A);
INSN(adda, d1c0, f1c0, CF_A);
INSN(shift_im, e080, f0f0, CF_A);
INSN(shift_reg, e0a0, f0f0, CF_A);
INSN(undef_fpu, f000, f000, CF_A);
INSN(undef, 0000, 0000, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(arith_im, 0080, fff8, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(bitrev, 00c0, fff8, CF_ISA_C);
INSN(bitop_reg, 0100, f1c0, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(bitop_reg, 0140, f1c0, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(bitop_reg, 0180, f1c0, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(bitop_reg, 01c0, f1c0, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(arith_im, 0280, fff8, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(byterev, 02c0, fff8, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(arith_im, 0480, fff8, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(ff1, 04c0, fff8, CF_ISA_C);
INSN(arith_im, 0680, fff8, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(bitop_im, 0800, ffc0, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(bitop_im, 0840, ffc0, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(bitop_im, 0880, ffc0, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(bitop_im, 08c0, ffc0, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(arith_im, 0a80, fff8, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(arith_im, 0c00, ff38, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(move, 1000, f000, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(move, 2000, f000, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(move, 3000, f000, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(strldsr, 40e7, ffff, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(negx, 4080, fff8, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(move_from_sr, 40c0, fff8, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(lea, 41c0, f1c0, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(clr, 4200, ff00, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(undef, 42c0, ffc0, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(move_from_ccr, 42c0, fff8, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(neg, 4480, fff8, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(move_to_ccr, 44c0, ffc0, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(not, 4680, fff8, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(move_to_sr, 46c0, ffc0, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(pea, 4840, ffc0, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(swap, 4840, fff8, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(movem, 48c0, fbc0, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(ext, 4880, fff8, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(ext, 48c0, fff8, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(ext, 49c0, fff8, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(tst, 4a00, ff00, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(tas, 4ac0, ffc0, CF_ISA_B);
INSN(halt, 4ac8, ffff, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(pulse, 4acc, ffff, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(illegal, 4afc, ffff, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(mull, 4c00, ffc0, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(divl, 4c40, ffc0, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(sats, 4c80, fff8, CF_ISA_B);
INSN(trap, 4e40, fff0, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(link, 4e50, fff8, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(unlk, 4e58, fff8, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(move_to_usp, 4e60, fff8, CF_ISA_B);
INSN(move_from_usp, 4e68, fff8, CF_ISA_B);
INSN(nop, 4e71, ffff, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(stop, 4e72, ffff, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(rte, 4e73, ffff, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(rts, 4e75, ffff, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(movec, 4e7b, ffff, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(jump, 4e80, ffc0, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(jump, 4ec0, ffc0, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(addsubq, 5180, f1c0, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(scc, 50c0, f0f8, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(addsubq, 5080, f1c0, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(tpf, 51f8, fff8, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(branch, 6000, f000, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(moveq, 7000, f100, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(mvzs, 7100, f100, CF_ISA_B);
INSN(or, 8000, f000, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(divw, 80c0, f0c0, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(addsub, 9000, f000, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(subx, 9180, f1f8, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(suba, 91c0, f1c0, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(undef_mac, a000, f000, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(mov3q, a140, f1c0, CF_ISA_B);
INSN(cmp, b000, f1c0, CF_ISA_B); /* cmp.b */
INSN(cmp, b040, f1c0, CF_ISA_B); /* cmp.w */
INSN(cmpa, b0c0, f1c0, CF_ISA_B); /* cmpa.w */
INSN(cmp, b080, f1c0, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(cmpa, b1c0, f1c0, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(eor, b180, f1c0, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(and, c000, f000, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(mulw, c0c0, f0c0, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(addsub, d000, f000, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(addx, d180, f1f8, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(adda, d1c0, f1c0, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(shift_im, e080, f0f0, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(shift_reg, e0a0, f0f0, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(undef_fpu, f000, f000, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(fpu, f200, ffc0, CF_FPU);
INSN(fbcc, f280, ffc0, CF_FPU);
INSN(frestore, f340, ffc0, CF_FPU);
INSN(fsave, f340, ffc0, CF_FPU);
INSN(intouch, f340, ffc0, CF_A);
INSN(cpushl, f428, ff38, CF_A);
INSN(wddata, fb00, ff00, CF_A);
INSN(wdebug, fbc0, ffc0, CF_A);
INSN(intouch, f340, ffc0, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(cpushl, f428, ff38, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(wddata, fb00, ff00, CF_ISA_A);
INSN(wdebug, fbc0, ffc0, CF_ISA_A);
#undef INSN
......@@ -2880,22 +2857,6 @@ void cpu_m68k_close(CPUM68KState *env)
int cpu_m68k_set_model(CPUM68KState *env, const char * name)
m68k_def_t *def;
for (def = m68k_cpu_defs; def->name; def++) {
if (strcmp(def->name, name) == 0)
if (!def->name)
return 1;
return 0;
void cpu_dump_state(CPUState *env, FILE *f,
int (*cpu_fprintf)(FILE *f, const char *fmt, ...),
int flags)
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