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    Merge tag 'iio-for-4.8c' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/jic23/iio into staging-next
    Jonathan writes:
    Third set of IIO new device support, features and cleanups for the 4.8 cycle.
    New core features
    - Selection of the clock source for IIO timestamps.  This is done per device
      as it makes little sense to have events in one timebase and data timestamped
      on another.  Biggest reason for this is that we currently use a clock
      source which is non monotonic which can result in 'interesting' data sets.
      (Includes export for get_monotonic_corse64 which Thomas Gleixner didn't mind
       in an earlier version.)
    - MAINTAINERS add the git tree to the list for IIO.
    New device support + a kind of indirect staging graduation.
    * Broadcom iproc-static-adc
      - new driver
    * mcp4531
      - support for MCP454x, MCP456x, MCP464x and MCP466x potentiometers
    * mpu6050
      - support the IC20608 6 axis motion tracking device
    * st-sensors
      - support the lis3l02dq + drop the lis3l02dq driver from staging.
      The general purpose driver is missing event support, but good to get
      rid of this driver which was rather long in the tooth.
    New driver features
    * ak8975
      - Add vid regulator support and refactor handling in general.
      - Allow a delay after enabling regulators.
      - Runtime and system PM.
    * bmg160
      - filter frequency control support.
    * bmp280
      - SPI device support.
      - EOC interrupt support for the BMP085
      - power management support.
      - supply regulator support.
      - reset gpio support
      - dt bindings for reset gpio and regulators.
      - of table to support device tree registration
    * max1363
      - Device tree bindings.
    * mcp4531
      - Device tree bindings.
    * st-pressure
      - temperature channels as part of triggered buffer (previously not due
      probably to alignment issues - see below).
      - lps22hb open drain interrupt support.
      - lps22hb temperature channel support
    Cleanups and reworkings.
    * numerous ADC drivers
      - ensure the iio_dev->dev.of_node is set to the parent dev.of_node so
      as to allow client bindings to find the device.
    * ak8975
      - Fix incorrect handling of missing regulator
      - make sure power is down and remove.
    * bmp280
      - read the calibration data only once as it doesn't change.
    * isl29125
      - Use a few macros to make code a touch more readable.
    * mma8452
      - fix a memory leak on error.
      - drop an unecessary bit of return value handling.
    * potentiometer kconfig
      - typo fix.
    * st-pressure
      - drop some uninformative default assignments of elements of the channel
      array structure (aids readability).
    * st-sensors
      - Harden interrupt handling considerably.  These are actually all using
      level interrupts, but at least two known boards have them wired to
      edge only interrupt chips.  Hence a slightly interesting bit of handling
      is needed in which we first allow for the easy option (level triggered) and
      secondly check the status registers before reenabling edge interrupts and
      fall back to a tight loop in the thread until we successfully clear the
      interrupt.  No harm is done if we never succeed in doing so.  It's an odd
      patch that has been through a lot of revisions to reach a consensus on how
      to handle what is basically broken hardware (which the previous defaults
      allowed to kind of work).
      - Fix alignment to defined storagebytes boundaries.
      - Ensure alignment of power of 2 byte boundaries.  This has always in theory
      been part of the ABI of IIO, but we missed a few that snuck in that need
      fixing.  The effect was minor as they were only followed by timestamp
      channels which were correctly aligned,
      - Add some docs to explain the gain calculations.
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