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    Merge tag 'powerpc-4.8-1' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/powerpc/linux · bad60e6f
    Linus Torvalds authored
    Pull powerpc updates from Michael Ellerman:
       - PowerNV PCI hotplug support.
       - Lots more Power9 support.
       - eBPF JIT support on ppc64le.
       - Lots of cxl updates.
       - Boot code consolidation.
      Bug fixes:
       - Fix spin_unlock_wait() from Boqun Feng
       - Fix stack pointer corruption in __tm_recheckpoint() from Michael
       - Fix multiple bugs in memory_hotplug_max() from Bharata B Rao
       - mm: Ensure "special" zones are empty from Oliver O'Halloran
       - ftrace: Separate the heuristics for checking call sites from
         Michael Ellerman
       - modules: Never restore r2 for a mprofile-kernel style mcount() call
         from Michael Ellerman
       - Fix endianness when reading TCEs from Alexey Kardashevskiy
       - start rtasd before PCI probing from Greg Kurz
       - PCI: rpaphp: Fix slot registration for multiple slots under a PHB
         from Tyrel Datwyler
       - powerpc/mm: Add memory barrier in __hugepte_alloc() from Sukadev
      Cleanups & fixes:
       - Drop support for MPIC in pseries from Rashmica Gupta
       - Define and use PPC64_ELF_ABI_v2/v1 from Michael Ellerman
       - Remove unused symbols in asm-offsets.c from Rashmica Gupta
       - Fix SRIOV not building without EEH enabled from Russell Currey
       - Remove kretprobe_trampoline_holder from Thiago Jung Bauermann
       - Reduce log level of PCI I/O space warning from Benjamin
       - Add array bounds checking to crash_shutdown_handlers from Suraj
         Jitindar Singh
       - Avoid -maltivec when using clang integrated assembler from Anton
       - Fix array overrun in ppc_rtas() syscall from Andrew Donnellan
       - Fix error return value in cmm_mem_going_offline() from Rasmus
       - export cpu_to_core_id() from Mauricio Faria de Oliveira
       - Remove old symbols from defconfigs from Andrew Donnellan
       - Update obsolete comments in setup_32.c about entry conditions from
         Benjamin Herrenschmidt
       - Add comment explaining the purpose of setup_kdump_trampoline() from
         Benjamin Herrenschmidt
       - Merge the RELOCATABLE config entries for ppc32 and ppc64 from Kevin
       - Remove RELOCATABLE_PPC32 from Kevin Hao
       - Fix .long's in tlb-radix.c to more meaningful from Balbir Singh
      Minor cleanups & fixes:
       - Andrew Donnellan, Anna-Maria Gleixner, Anton Blanchard, Benjamin
         Herrenschmidt, Bharata B Rao, Christophe Leroy, Colin Ian King,
         Geliang Tang, Greg Kurz, Madhavan Srinivasan, Michael Ellerman,
         Michael Ellerman, Stephen Rothwell, Stewart Smith.
      Freescale updates from Scott:
       - "Highlights include more 8xx optimizations, device tree updates,
         and MVME7100 support."
      PowerNV PCI hotplug from Gavin Shan:
       - PCI: Add pcibios_setup_bridge()
       - Override pcibios_setup_bridge()
       - Remove PCI_RESET_DELAY_US
       - Move pnv_pci_ioda_setup_opal_tce_kill() around
       - Increase PE# capacity
       - Allocate PE# in reverse order
       - Create PEs in pcibios_setup_bridge()
       - Setup PE for root bus
       - Extend PCI bridge resources
       - Make pnv_ioda_deconfigure_pe() visible
       - Dynamically release PE
       - Update bridge windows on PCI plug
       - Delay populating pdn
       - Support PCI slot ID
       - Use PCI slot reset infrastructure
       - Introduce pnv_pci_get_slot_id()
       - Functions to get/set PCI slot state
       - PCI/hotplug: PowerPC PowerNV PCI hotplug driver
       - Print correct PHB type names
      Power9 idle support from Shreyas B. Prabhu:
       - set power_save func after the idle states are initialized
       - Use PNV_THREAD_WINKLE macro while requesting for winkle
       - make hypervisor state restore a function
       - Rename idle_power7.S to idle_book3s.S
       - Rename reusable idle functions to hardware agnostic names
       - Make pnv_powersave_common more generic
       - abstraction for saving SPRs before entering deep idle states
       - Add platform support for stop instruction
       - cpuidle/powernv: Use CPUIDLE_STATE_MAX instead of MAX_POWERNV_IDLE_STATES
       - cpuidle/powernv: cleanup cpuidle-powernv.c
       - cpuidle/powernv: Add support for POWER ISA v3 idle states
       - Use deepest stop state when cpu is offlined
      Power9 PMU from Madhavan Srinivasan:
       - factor out power8 pmu macros and defines
       - factor out power8 pmu functions
       - factor out power8 __init_pmu code
       - Add power9 event list macros for generic and cache events
       - Power9 PMU support
       - Export Power9 generic and cache events to sysfs
      Power9 preliminary interrupt & PCI support from Benjamin Herrenschmidt:
       - Add XICS emulation APIs
       - Move a few exception common handlers to make room
       - Add support for HV virtualization interrupts
       - Add mechanism to force a replay of interrupts
       - Add ICP OPAL backend
       - Discover IODA3 PHBs
       - pci: Remove obsolete SW invalidate
       - opal: Add real mode call wrappers
       - Rename TCE invalidation calls
       - Remove SWINV constants and obsolete TCE code
       - Rework accessing the TCE invalidate register
       - Fallback to OPAL for TCE invalidations
       - Use the device-tree to get available range of M64's
       - Check status of a PHB before using it
       - pci: Don't try to allocate resources that will be reassigned
      Other Power9:
       - Send SIGBUS on unaligned copy and paste from Chris Smart
       - Large Decrementer support from Oliver O'Halloran
       - Load Monitor Register Support from Jack Miller
      Performance improvements from Anton Blanchard:
       - Avoid load hit store in __giveup_fpu() and __giveup_altivec()
       - Avoid load hit store in setup_sigcontext()
       - Remove assembly versions of strcpy, strcat, strlen and strcmp
       - Align hot loops of some string functions
      eBPF JIT from Naveen N. Rao:
       - Fix/enhance 32-bit Load Immediate implementation
       - Optimize 64-bit Immediate loads
       - Introduce rotate immediate instructions
       - A few cleanups
       - Isolate classic BPF JIT specifics into a separate header
       - Implement JIT compiler for extended BPF
      Operator Panel driver from Suraj Jitindar Singh:
       - devicetree/bindings: Add binding for operator panel on FSP machines
       - Add inline function to get rc from an ASYNC_COMP opal_msg
       - Add driver for operator panel on FSP machines
      Sparse fixes from Daniel Axtens:
       - make some things static
       - Introduce asm-prototypes.h
       - Include headers containing prototypes
       - Use #ifdef __BIG_ENDIAN__ #else for REG_BYTE
       - kvm: Clarify __user annotations
       - Pass endianness to sparse
       - Make ppc_md.{halt, restart} __noreturn
      MM fixes & cleanups from Aneesh Kumar K.V:
       - radix: Update LPCR HR bit as per ISA
       - use _raw variant of page table accessors
       - Compile out radix related functions if RADIX_MMU is disabled
       - Clear top 16 bits of va only on older cpus
       - Print formation regarding the the MMU mode
       - hash: Update SDR1 size encoding as documented in ISA 3.0
       - radix: Update PID switch sequence
       - radix: Update machine call back to support new HCALL.
       - radix: Add LPID based tlb flush helpers
       - radix: Add a kernel command line to disable radix
       - Cleanup LPCR defines
      Boot code consolidation from Benjamin Herrenschmidt:
       - Move epapr_paravirt_early_init() to early_init_devtree()
       - cell: Don't use flat device-tree after boot
       - ge_imp3a: Don't use the flat device-tree after boot
       - mpc85xx_ds: Don't use the flat device-tree after boot
       - mpc85xx_rdb: Don't use the flat device-tree after boot
       - Don't test for machine type in rtas_initialize()
       - Don't test for machine type in smp_setup_cpu_maps()
       - dt: Add of_device_compatible_match()
       - Factor do_feature_fixup calls
       - Move 64-bit feature fixup earlier
       - Move 64-bit memory reserves to setup_arch()
       - Use a cachable DART
       - Move FW feature probing out of pseries probe()
       - Put exception configuration in a common place
       - Remove early allocation of the SMU command buffer
       - Move MMU backend selection out of platform code
       - pasemi: Remove IOBMAP allocation from platform probe()
       - mm/hash: Don't use machine_is() early during boot
       - Don't test for machine type to detect HEA special case
       - pmac: Remove spurrious machine type test
       - Move hash table ops to a separate structure
       - Ensure that ppc_md is empty before probing for machine type
       - Move 64-bit probe_machine() to later in the boot process
       - Move 32-bit probe() machine to later in the boot process
       - Get rid of ppc_md.init_early()
       - Move the boot time info banner to a separate function
       - Move setting of {i,d}cache_bsize to initialize_cache_info()
       - Move the content of setup_system() to setup_arch()
       - Move cache info inits to a separate function
       - Re-order the call to smp_setup_cpu_maps()
       - Re-order setup_panic()
       - Make a few boot functions __init
       - Merge 32-bit and 64-bit setup_arch()
      Other new features:
       - tty/hvc: Use IRQF_SHARED for OPAL hvc consoles from Sam Mendoza-Jonas
       - tty/hvc: Use opal irqchip interface if available from Sam Mendoza-Jonas
       - powerpc: Add module autoloading based on CPU features from Alastair D'Silva
       - crypto: vmx - Convert to CPU feature based module autoloading from Alastair D'Silva
       - Wake up kopald polling thread before waiting for events from Benjamin Herrenschmidt
       - xmon: Dump ISA 2.06 SPRs from Michael Ellerman
       - xmon: Dump ISA 2.07 SPRs from Michael Ellerman
       - Add a parameter to disable 1TB segs from Oliver O'Halloran
       - powerpc/boot: Add OPAL console to epapr wrappers from Oliver O'Halloran
       - Assign fixed PHB number based on device-tree properties from Guilherme G. Piccoli
       - pseries: Add pseries hotplug workqueue from John Allen
       - pseries: Add support for hotplug interrupt source from John Allen
       - pseries: Use kernel hotplug queue for PowerVM hotplug events from John Allen
       - pseries: Move property cloning into its own routine from Nathan Fontenot
       - pseries: Dynamic add entires to associativity lookup array from Nathan Fontenot
       - pseries: Auto-online hotplugged memory from Nathan Fontenot
       - pseries: Remove call to memblock_add() from Nathan Fontenot
       - Add set and get private data to context struct from Michael Neuling
       - make base more explicitly non-modular from Paul Gortmaker
       - Use for_each_compatible_node() macro from Wei Yongjun
       - Frederic Barrat
       - Abstract the differences between the PSL and XSL
       - Make vPHB device node match adapter's
       - Philippe Bergheaud
       - Add mechanism for delivering AFU driver specific events
       - Ignore CAPI adapters misplaced in switched slots
       - Refine slice error debug messages
       - Andrew Donnellan
       - static-ify variables to fix sparse warnings
       - PCI/hotplug: pnv_php: export symbols and move struct types needed by cxl
       - PCI/hotplug: pnv_php: handle OPAL_PCI_SLOT_OFFLINE power state
       - Add cxl_check_and_switch_mode() API to switch bi-modal cards
       - remove dead Kconfig options
       - fix potential NULL dereference in free_adapter()
       - Ian Munsie
       - Update process element after allocating interrupts
       - Add support for CAPP DMA mode
       - Fix allowing bogus AFU descriptors with 0 maximum processes
       - Fix allocating a minimum of 2 pages for the SPA
       - Fix bug where AFU disable operation had no effect
       - Workaround XSL bug that does not clear the RA bit after a reset
       - Fix NULL pointer dereference on kernel contexts with no AFU interrupts
       - powerpc/powernv: Split cxl code out into a separate file
       - Add cxl_slot_is_supported API
       - Enable bus mastering for devices using CAPP DMA mode
       - Move cxl_afu_get / cxl_afu_put to base
       - Allow a default context to be associated with an external pci_dev
       - Do not create vPHB if there are no AFU configuration records
       - powerpc/powernv: Add support for the cxl kernel api on the real phb
       - Add support for using the kernel API with a real PHB
       - Add kernel APIs to get & set the max irqs per context
       - Add preliminary workaround for CX4 interrupt limitation
       - Add support for interrupts on the Mellanox CX4
       - Workaround PE=0 hardware limitation in Mellanox CX4
       - powerpc/powernv: Fix pci-cxl.c build when CONFIG_MODULES=n
       - Test unaligned copy and paste from Chris Smart
       - Load Monitor Register Tests from Jack Miller
       - Cyril Bur
       - exec() with suspended transaction
       - Use signed long to read perf_event_paranoid
       - Fix usage message in context_switch
       - Fix generation of vector instructions/types in context_switch
       - Michael Ellerman
       - Use "Delta" rather than "Error" in normal output
       - Import Anton's mmap & futex micro benchmarks
       - Add a test for PROT_SAO"
    * tag 'powerpc-4.8-1' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/powerpc/linux: (263 commits)
      powerpc/mm: Parenthesise IS_ENABLED() in if condition
      tty/hvc: Use opal irqchip interface if available
      tty/hvc: Use IRQF_SHARED for OPAL hvc consoles
      selftests/powerpc: exec() with suspended transaction
      powerpc: Improve comment explaining why we modify VRSAVE
      powerpc/mm: Drop unused externs for hpte_init_beat[_v3]()
      powerpc/mm: Rename hpte_init_lpar() and move the fallback to a header
      powerpc/mm: Fix build break when PPC_NATIVE=n
      crypto: vmx - Convert to CPU feature based module autoloading
      powerpc: Add module autoloading based on CPU features
      powerpc/powernv/ioda: Fix endianness when reading TCEs
      powerpc/mm: Add memory barrier in __hugepte_alloc()
      powerpc/modules: Never restore r2 for a mprofile-kernel style mcount() call
      powerpc/ftrace: Separate the heuristics for checking call sites
      powerpc: Merge 32-bit and 64-bit setup_arch()
      powerpc/64: Make a few boot functions __init
      powerpc: Re-order setup_panic()
      powerpc: Re-order the call to smp_setup_cpu_maps()
      powerpc/32: Move cache info inits to a separate function
      powerpc/64: Move the content of setup_system() to setup_arch()
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