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      clk: add CLK_SET_RATE_NO_REPARENT flag · 819c1de3
      James Hogan authored
      Add a CLK_SET_RATE_NO_REPARENT clock flag, which will prevent muxes
      being reparented during clk_set_rate.
      To avoid breaking existing platforms, all callers of clk_register_mux()
      are adjusted to pass the new flag. Platform maintainers are encouraged
      to remove the flag if they wish to allow mux reparenting on set_rate.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarJames Hogan <james.hogan@imgtec.com>
      Reviewed-by: default avatarStephen Boyd <sboyd@codeaurora.org>
      Cc: Mike Turquette <mturquette@linaro.org>
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      Tested-by: default avatarHaojian Zhuang <haojian.zhuang@gmail.com>
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      Acked-by: Maxime Ripard <maxime.ripard@free-electrons.com> [sunxi]
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      Signed-off-by: default avatarMike Turquette <mturquette@linaro.org>
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