Commit e4f35c13 authored by Arnd Bergmann's avatar Arnd Bergmann Committed by Rafael J. Wysocki

ACPI / video: mark acpi_video_get_levels() inline

A recent patch added a stub function for acpi_video_get_levels when
CONFIG_ACPI_VIDEO is disabled. However, this is marked as 'static'
and causes a warning about an unused function whereever the header
gets included:

In file included from ../drivers/gpu/drm/radeon/radeon_acpi.c:28:0:
include/acpi/video.h:74:12: error: 'acpi_video_get_levels' defined but not used [-Werror=unused-function]

This makes the declaration 'static inline', which gets rid of the
Signed-off-by: default avatarArnd Bergmann <>
Fixes: 05950094 (ACPI/video: export acpi_video_get_levels)
Signed-off-by: default avatarRafael J. Wysocki <>
parent a3c89334
......@@ -71,7 +71,7 @@ static inline bool acpi_video_handles_brightness_key_presses(void)
return false;
static int acpi_video_get_levels(struct acpi_device *device,
static inline int acpi_video_get_levels(struct acpi_device *device,
struct acpi_video_device_brightness **dev_br)
return -ENODEV;
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