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Commit d662ad24 authored by Ching Huang's avatar Ching Huang Committed by Martin K. Petersen

arcmsr: make code more readable

[mkp: Fixed checkpatch whitespace warning]
Signed-off-by: default avatarChing Huang <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarJohannes Thumshirn <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarHannes Reinicke <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarMartin K. Petersen <>
parent 98f90deb
......@@ -288,6 +288,9 @@ struct FIRMWARE_INFO
#define ARCMSR_MESSAGE_RBUFFER 0x0000ff00
/* iop message_rwbuffer for message command */
#define ARCMSR_MESSAGE_RWBUFFER 0x0000fa00
#define MEM_BASE0(x) (u32 __iomem *)((unsigned long)acb->mem_base0 + x)
#define MEM_BASE1(x) (u32 __iomem *)((unsigned long)acb->mem_base1 + x)
** SPEC. for Areca HBC adapter
......@@ -2649,13 +2649,13 @@ static bool arcmsr_hbaB_get_config(struct AdapterControlBlock *acb)
acb->dma_coherent2 = dma_coherent;
reg = (struct MessageUnit_B *)dma_coherent;
acb->pmuB = reg;
reg->drv2iop_doorbell= (uint32_t __iomem *)((unsigned long)acb->mem_base0 + ARCMSR_DRV2IOP_DOORBELL);
reg->drv2iop_doorbell_mask = (uint32_t __iomem *)((unsigned long)acb->mem_base0 + ARCMSR_DRV2IOP_DOORBELL_MASK);
reg->iop2drv_doorbell = (uint32_t __iomem *)((unsigned long)acb->mem_base0 + ARCMSR_IOP2DRV_DOORBELL);
reg->iop2drv_doorbell_mask = (uint32_t __iomem *)((unsigned long)acb->mem_base0 + ARCMSR_IOP2DRV_DOORBELL_MASK);
reg->message_wbuffer = (uint32_t __iomem *)((unsigned long)acb->mem_base1 + ARCMSR_MESSAGE_WBUFFER);
reg->message_rbuffer = (uint32_t __iomem *)((unsigned long)acb->mem_base1 + ARCMSR_MESSAGE_RBUFFER);
reg->message_rwbuffer = (uint32_t __iomem *)((unsigned long)acb->mem_base1 + ARCMSR_MESSAGE_RWBUFFER);
reg->drv2iop_doorbell = MEM_BASE0(ARCMSR_DRV2IOP_DOORBELL);
reg->drv2iop_doorbell_mask = MEM_BASE0(ARCMSR_DRV2IOP_DOORBELL_MASK);
reg->iop2drv_doorbell = MEM_BASE0(ARCMSR_IOP2DRV_DOORBELL);
reg->iop2drv_doorbell_mask = MEM_BASE0(ARCMSR_IOP2DRV_DOORBELL_MASK);
reg->message_wbuffer = MEM_BASE1(ARCMSR_MESSAGE_WBUFFER);
reg->message_rbuffer = MEM_BASE1(ARCMSR_MESSAGE_RBUFFER);
reg->message_rwbuffer = MEM_BASE1(ARCMSR_MESSAGE_RWBUFFER);
iop_firm_model = (char __iomem *)(&reg->message_rwbuffer[15]); /*firm_model,15,60-67*/
iop_firm_version = (char __iomem *)(&reg->message_rwbuffer[17]); /*firm_version,17,68-83*/
iop_device_map = (char __iomem *)(&reg->message_rwbuffer[21]); /*firm_version,21,84-99*/
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