Commit c16aea12 authored by Tariq Toukan's avatar Tariq Toukan Committed by Doug Ledford

net/mlx5: Fix mlx5 ifc cmd_hca_cap bad offsets

All reserved fields after early_vf_enable are off by 1, since
early_vf_enable was not explicitly declared as array of size 1.

Reserved field before cqe_zip had a wrong size, it should
be 0x80 + 0x3f.

Fixes: b0844444 ("net/mlx5_core: Introduce access function to read internal timer ")
Fixes: b4ff3a36 ("net/mlx5: Use offset based reserved field names in the IFC header file")
Signed-off-by: default avatarTariq Toukan <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarSaeed Mahameed <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarMatan Barak <>
Acked-by: default avatarOr Gerlitz <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarDoug Ledford <>
parent 94d7f1a2
......@@ -750,21 +750,21 @@ struct mlx5_ifc_cmd_hca_cap_bits {
u8 ets[0x1];
u8 nic_flow_table[0x1];
u8 eswitch_flow_table[0x1];
u8 early_vf_enable;
u8 reserved_at_1a8[0x2];
u8 early_vf_enable[0x1];
u8 reserved_at_1a9[0x2];
u8 local_ca_ack_delay[0x5];
u8 reserved_at_1af[0x6];
u8 port_type[0x2];
u8 num_ports[0x8];
u8 reserved_at_1bf[0x3];
u8 reserved_at_1c0[0x3];
u8 log_max_msg[0x5];
u8 reserved_at_1c7[0x4];
u8 reserved_at_1c8[0x4];
u8 max_tc[0x4];
u8 reserved_at_1cf[0x6];
u8 reserved_at_1d0[0x6];
u8 rol_s[0x1];
u8 rol_g[0x1];
u8 reserved_at_1d7[0x1];
u8 reserved_at_1d8[0x1];
u8 wol_s[0x1];
u8 wol_g[0x1];
u8 wol_a[0x1];
......@@ -774,47 +774,47 @@ struct mlx5_ifc_cmd_hca_cap_bits {
u8 wol_p[0x1];
u8 stat_rate_support[0x10];
u8 reserved_at_1ef[0xc];
u8 reserved_at_1f0[0xc];
u8 cqe_version[0x4];
u8 compact_address_vector[0x1];
u8 reserved_at_200[0x3];
u8 ipoib_basic_offloads[0x1];
u8 reserved_at_204[0xa];
u8 reserved_at_205[0xa];
u8 drain_sigerr[0x1];
u8 cmdif_checksum[0x2];
u8 sigerr_cqe[0x1];
u8 reserved_at_212[0x1];
u8 reserved_at_213[0x1];
u8 wq_signature[0x1];
u8 sctr_data_cqe[0x1];
u8 reserved_at_215[0x1];
u8 reserved_at_216[0x1];
u8 sho[0x1];
u8 tph[0x1];
u8 rf[0x1];
u8 dct[0x1];
u8 reserved_at_21a[0x1];
u8 reserved_at_21b[0x1];
u8 eth_net_offloads[0x1];
u8 roce[0x1];
u8 atomic[0x1];
u8 reserved_at_21e[0x1];
u8 reserved_at_21f[0x1];
u8 cq_oi[0x1];
u8 cq_resize[0x1];
u8 cq_moderation[0x1];
u8 reserved_at_222[0x3];
u8 reserved_at_223[0x3];
u8 cq_eq_remap[0x1];
u8 pg[0x1];
u8 block_lb_mc[0x1];
u8 reserved_at_228[0x1];
u8 reserved_at_229[0x1];
u8 scqe_break_moderation[0x1];
u8 reserved_at_22a[0x1];
u8 cd[0x1];
u8 reserved_at_22c[0x1];
u8 reserved_at_22d[0x1];
u8 apm[0x1];
u8 vector_calc[0x1];
u8 reserved_at_22f[0x1];
u8 imaicl[0x1];
u8 reserved_at_231[0x4];
u8 reserved_at_232[0x4];
u8 qkv[0x1];
u8 pkv[0x1];
u8 set_deth_sqpn[0x1];
......@@ -824,98 +824,101 @@ struct mlx5_ifc_cmd_hca_cap_bits {
u8 uc[0x1];
u8 rc[0x1];
u8 reserved_at_23f[0xa];
u8 reserved_at_240[0xa];
u8 uar_sz[0x6];
u8 reserved_at_24f[0x8];
u8 reserved_at_250[0x8];
u8 log_pg_sz[0x8];
u8 bf[0x1];
u8 reserved_at_260[0x1];
u8 reserved_at_261[0x1];
u8 pad_tx_eth_packet[0x1];
u8 reserved_at_262[0x8];
u8 reserved_at_263[0x8];
u8 log_bf_reg_size[0x5];
u8 reserved_at_26f[0x10];
u8 reserved_at_270[0x10];
u8 reserved_at_27f[0x10];
u8 reserved_at_280[0x10];
u8 max_wqe_sz_sq[0x10];
u8 reserved_at_29f[0x10];
u8 reserved_at_2a0[0x10];
u8 max_wqe_sz_rq[0x10];
u8 reserved_at_2bf[0x10];
u8 reserved_at_2c0[0x10];
u8 max_wqe_sz_sq_dc[0x10];
u8 reserved_at_2df[0x7];
u8 reserved_at_2e0[0x7];
u8 max_qp_mcg[0x19];
u8 reserved_at_2ff[0x18];
u8 reserved_at_300[0x18];
u8 log_max_mcg[0x8];
u8 reserved_at_31f[0x3];
u8 reserved_at_320[0x3];
u8 log_max_transport_domain[0x5];
u8 reserved_at_327[0x3];
u8 reserved_at_328[0x3];
u8 log_max_pd[0x5];
u8 reserved_at_32f[0xb];
u8 reserved_at_330[0xb];
u8 log_max_xrcd[0x5];
u8 reserved_at_33f[0x20];
u8 reserved_at_340[0x20];
u8 reserved_at_35f[0x3];
u8 reserved_at_360[0x3];
u8 log_max_rq[0x5];
u8 reserved_at_367[0x3];
u8 reserved_at_368[0x3];
u8 log_max_sq[0x5];
u8 reserved_at_36f[0x3];
u8 reserved_at_370[0x3];
u8 log_max_tir[0x5];
u8 reserved_at_377[0x3];
u8 reserved_at_378[0x3];
u8 log_max_tis[0x5];
u8 basic_cyclic_rcv_wqe[0x1];
u8 reserved_at_380[0x2];
u8 reserved_at_381[0x2];
u8 log_max_rmp[0x5];
u8 reserved_at_387[0x3];
u8 reserved_at_388[0x3];
u8 log_max_rqt[0x5];
u8 reserved_at_38f[0x3];
u8 reserved_at_390[0x3];
u8 log_max_rqt_size[0x5];
u8 reserved_at_397[0x3];
u8 reserved_at_398[0x3];
u8 log_max_tis_per_sq[0x5];
u8 reserved_at_39f[0x3];
u8 reserved_at_3a0[0x3];
u8 log_max_stride_sz_rq[0x5];
u8 reserved_at_3a7[0x3];
u8 reserved_at_3a8[0x3];
u8 log_min_stride_sz_rq[0x5];
u8 reserved_at_3af[0x3];
u8 reserved_at_3b0[0x3];
u8 log_max_stride_sz_sq[0x5];
u8 reserved_at_3b7[0x3];
u8 reserved_at_3b8[0x3];
u8 log_min_stride_sz_sq[0x5];
u8 reserved_at_3bf[0x1b];
u8 reserved_at_3c0[0x1b];
u8 log_max_wq_sz[0x5];
u8 nic_vport_change_event[0x1];
u8 reserved_at_3e0[0xa];
u8 reserved_at_3e1[0xa];
u8 log_max_vlan_list[0x5];
u8 reserved_at_3ef[0x3];
u8 reserved_at_3f0[0x3];
u8 log_max_current_mc_list[0x5];
u8 reserved_at_3f7[0x3];
u8 reserved_at_3f8[0x3];
u8 log_max_current_uc_list[0x5];
u8 reserved_at_3ff[0x80];
u8 reserved_at_400[0x80];
u8 reserved_at_47f[0x3];
u8 reserved_at_480[0x3];
u8 log_max_l2_table[0x5];
u8 reserved_at_487[0x8];
u8 reserved_at_488[0x8];
u8 log_uar_page_sz[0x10];
u8 reserved_at_49f[0x20];
u8 reserved_at_4a0[0x20];
u8 device_frequency_mhz[0x20];
u8 device_frequency_khz[0x20];
u8 reserved_at_4ff[0x5f];
u8 reserved_at_500[0x80];
u8 reserved_at_580[0x3f];
u8 cqe_zip[0x1];
u8 cqe_zip_timeout[0x10];
u8 cqe_zip_max_num[0x10];
u8 reserved_at_57f[0x220];
u8 reserved_at_5e0[0x220];
enum mlx5_flow_destination_type {
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