Commit bb8646d8 authored by David S. Miller's avatar David S. Miller

[SPARC64]: Optimized TSB table initialization.

We only need to write an invalid tag every 16 bytes,
so taking advantage of this can save many instructions
compared to the simple memset() call we make now.

A prefetching implementation is implemented for sun4u
and a block-init store version if implemented for Niagara.

The next trick is to be able to perform an init and
a copy_tsb() in parallel when growing a TSB table.
Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid S. Miller <>
parent 88d70794
......@@ -371,3 +371,72 @@ copy_tsb: /* %o0=old_tsb_base, %o1=old_tsb_size
.size copy_tsb, .-copy_tsb
/* Set the invalid bit in all TSB entries. */
.align 32
.globl tsb_init
.type tsb_init,#function
tsb_init: /* %o0 = TSB vaddr, %o1 = size in bytes */
prefetch [%o0 + 0x000], #n_writes
mov 1, %g1
prefetch [%o0 + 0x040], #n_writes
sllx %g1, TSB_TAG_INVALID_BIT, %g1
prefetch [%o0 + 0x080], #n_writes
1: prefetch [%o0 + 0x0c0], #n_writes
stx %g1, [%o0 + 0x00]
stx %g1, [%o0 + 0x10]
stx %g1, [%o0 + 0x20]
stx %g1, [%o0 + 0x30]
prefetch [%o0 + 0x100], #n_writes
stx %g1, [%o0 + 0x40]
stx %g1, [%o0 + 0x50]
stx %g1, [%o0 + 0x60]
stx %g1, [%o0 + 0x70]
prefetch [%o0 + 0x140], #n_writes
stx %g1, [%o0 + 0x80]
stx %g1, [%o0 + 0x90]
stx %g1, [%o0 + 0xa0]
stx %g1, [%o0 + 0xb0]
prefetch [%o0 + 0x180], #n_writes
stx %g1, [%o0 + 0xc0]
stx %g1, [%o0 + 0xd0]
stx %g1, [%o0 + 0xe0]
stx %g1, [%o0 + 0xf0]
subcc %o1, 0x100, %o1
bne,pt %xcc, 1b
add %o0, 0x100, %o0
.size tsb_init, .-tsb_init
.globl NGtsb_init
.type NGtsb_init,#function
rd %asi, %g2
mov 1, %g1
wr %g0, ASI_BLK_INIT_QUAD_LDD_P, %asi
sllx %g1, TSB_TAG_INVALID_BIT, %g1
1: stxa %g1, [%o0 + 0x00] %asi
stxa %g1, [%o0 + 0x10] %asi
stxa %g1, [%o0 + 0x20] %asi
stxa %g1, [%o0 + 0x30] %asi
stxa %g1, [%o0 + 0x40] %asi
stxa %g1, [%o0 + 0x50] %asi
stxa %g1, [%o0 + 0x60] %asi
stxa %g1, [%o0 + 0x70] %asi
stxa %g1, [%o0 + 0x80] %asi
stxa %g1, [%o0 + 0x90] %asi
stxa %g1, [%o0 + 0xa0] %asi
stxa %g1, [%o0 + 0xb0] %asi
stxa %g1, [%o0 + 0xc0] %asi
stxa %g1, [%o0 + 0xd0] %asi
stxa %g1, [%o0 + 0xe0] %asi
stxa %g1, [%o0 + 0xf0] %asi
subcc %o1, 0x100, %o1
bne,pt %xcc, 1b
add %o0, 0x100, %o0
wr %g2, 0x0, %asi
.size NGtsb_init, .-NGtsb_init
......@@ -157,6 +157,7 @@ niagara_patch_bzero:
NG_DO_PATCH(memset, NGmemset)
NG_DO_PATCH(__bzero, NGbzero)
NG_DO_PATCH(__clear_user, NGclear_user)
NG_DO_PATCH(tsb_init, NGtsb_init)
.size niagara_patch_bzero,.-niagara_patch_bzero
......@@ -313,7 +313,7 @@ retry_tsb_alloc:
/* Mark all tags as invalid. */
memset(new_tsb, 0x40, new_size);
tsb_init(new_tsb, new_size);
/* Ok, we are about to commit the changes. If we are
* growing an existing TSB the locking is very tricky,
......@@ -88,6 +88,7 @@ struct tsb {
extern void __tsb_insert(unsigned long ent, unsigned long tag, unsigned long pte);
extern void tsb_flush(unsigned long ent, unsigned long tag);
extern void tsb_init(struct tsb *tsb, unsigned long size);
typedef struct {
spinlock_t lock;
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