Commit b4144e4f authored by Richard Purdie's avatar Richard Purdie

backlight: Revert some const qualifiers

9905a43b went a little to far with const
qualifiers as there are legitiment cases where the function pointers
can change (machine specific setup code for example).
Signed-off-by: default avatarRichard Purdie <>
parent e7fb9c4a
......@@ -36,18 +36,18 @@ struct backlight_device;
struct fb_info;
struct backlight_ops {
const unsigned int options;
unsigned int options;
#define BL_CORE_SUSPENDRESUME (1 << 0)
/* Notify the backlight driver some property has changed */
int (* const update_status)(struct backlight_device *);
int (*update_status)(struct backlight_device *);
/* Return the current backlight brightness (accounting for power,
fb_blank etc.) */
int (* const get_brightness)(struct backlight_device *);
int (*get_brightness)(struct backlight_device *);
/* Check if given framebuffer device is the one bound to this backlight;
return 0 if not, !=0 if it is. If NULL, backlight always matches the fb. */
int (* const check_fb)(struct fb_info *);
int (*check_fb)(struct fb_info *);
/* This structure defines all the properties of a backlight */
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