Commit 9d05746e authored by Linus Torvalds's avatar Linus Torvalds

vfs: allow O_PATH file descriptors for fstatfs()

Olga reported that file descriptors opened with O_PATH do not work with
fstatfs(), found during further development of ksh93's thread support.

There is no reason to not allow O_PATH file descriptors here (fstatfs is
very much a path operation), so use "fdget_raw()".  See commit
55815f70 ("vfs: make O_PATH file descriptors usable for 'fstat()'")
for a very similar issue reported for fstat() by the same team.
Reported-and-tested-by: default avatarольга крыжановская <>
Acked-by: default avatarAl Viro <>
Cc:	# O_PATH introduced in 3.0+
Signed-off-by: default avatarLinus Torvalds <>
parent be5090da
......@@ -94,7 +94,7 @@ retry:
int fd_statfs(int fd, struct kstatfs *st)
struct fd f = fdget(fd);
struct fd f = fdget_raw(fd);
int error = -EBADF;
if (f.file) {
error = vfs_statfs(&f.file->f_path, st);
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