Commit 83510e5f authored by Masanari Iida's avatar Masanari Iida Committed by Dmitry Torokhov

Input: fix a double word "is is" in include/linux/input.h

This patch fix a double word "is is" found in in
It is because the file was created from comments in sources,
so I have to fix the double words in include/linux/input.h
Signed-off-by: default avatarMasanari Iida <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarDmitry Torokhov <>
parent fcd6eb50
......@@ -95,7 +95,7 @@ struct input_value {
* @grab: input handle that currently has the device grabbed (via
* EVIOCGRAB ioctl). When a handle grabs a device it becomes sole
* recipient for all input events coming from the device
* @event_lock: this spinlock is is taken when input core receives
* @event_lock: this spinlock is taken when input core receives
* and processes a new event for the device (in input_event()).
* Code that accesses and/or modifies parameters of a device
* (such as keymap or absmin, absmax, absfuzz, etc.) after device
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