Commit 7a1562d4 authored by Yinghai Lu's avatar Yinghai Lu Committed by Bjorn Helgaas

PCI: Apply _HPX Link Control settings to all devices with a link

Previously we applied _HPX type 2 record Link Control register settings
only to bridges with a subordinate bus.  But it's better to apply them to
all devices with a link because if the subordinate bus has not been
allocated yet, we won't apply settings to the device.

Use pcie_cap_has_lnkctl() to determine whether the device has a Link
Control register instead of looking at dev->subordinate.

[bhelgaas: changelog]
Fixes: 6cd33649 ("PCI: Add pci_configure_device() during enumeration")
Signed-off-by: default avatarYinghai Lu <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarBjorn Helgaas <>
parent 2801f725
......@@ -444,7 +444,7 @@ static inline int pcie_cap_version(const struct pci_dev *dev)
return pcie_caps_reg(dev) & PCI_EXP_FLAGS_VERS;
static inline bool pcie_cap_has_lnkctl(const struct pci_dev *dev)
bool pcie_cap_has_lnkctl(const struct pci_dev *dev)
int type = pci_pcie_type(dev);
......@@ -6,6 +6,8 @@
extern const unsigned char pcie_link_speed[];
bool pcie_cap_has_lnkctl(const struct pci_dev *dev);
/* Functions internal to the PCI core code */
int pci_create_sysfs_dev_files(struct pci_dev *pdev);
......@@ -1323,7 +1323,7 @@ static void program_hpp_type2(struct pci_dev *dev, struct hpp_type2 *hpp)
~hpp->pci_exp_devctl_and, hpp->pci_exp_devctl_or);
/* Initialize Link Control Register */
if (dev->subordinate)
if (pcie_cap_has_lnkctl(dev))
pcie_capability_clear_and_set_word(dev, PCI_EXP_LNKCTL,
~hpp->pci_exp_lnkctl_and, hpp->pci_exp_lnkctl_or);
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