Commit 5ee14e6d authored by Nikolay Aleksandrov's avatar Nikolay Aleksandrov Committed by David S. Miller

bonding: 3ad: apply ad_actor settings changes immediately

Currently the bonding allows to set ad_actor_system and prio while the
bond device is down, but these are actually applied only if there aren't
any slaves yet (applied to bond device when first slave shows up, and to
slaves at 3ad bind time). After this patch changes are applied immediately
and the new values can be used/seen after the bond's upped so it's not
necessary anymore to release all and enslave again to see the changes.

CC: Jay Vosburgh <>
CC: Veaceslav Falico <>
CC: Andy Gospodarek <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarNikolay Aleksandrov <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJay Vosburgh <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid S. Miller <>
parent a1b486ae
......@@ -357,6 +357,14 @@ static u8 __get_duplex(struct port *port)
return retval;
static void __ad_actor_update_port(struct port *port)
const struct bonding *bond = bond_get_bond_by_slave(port->slave);
port->actor_system = BOND_AD_INFO(bond).system.sys_mac_addr;
port->actor_system_priority = BOND_AD_INFO(bond).system.sys_priority;
/* Conversions */
......@@ -1963,9 +1971,7 @@ void bond_3ad_bind_slave(struct slave *slave)
port->actor_admin_port_key = bond->params.ad_user_port_key << 6;
ad_update_actor_keys(port, false);
/* actor system is the bond's system */
port->actor_system = BOND_AD_INFO(bond).system.sys_mac_addr;
port->actor_system_priority =
/* tx timer(to verify that no more than MAX_TX_IN_SECOND
* lacpdu's are sent in one second)
......@@ -2147,6 +2153,34 @@ out:
* bond_3ad_update_ad_actor_settings - reflect change of actor settings to ports
* @bond: bonding struct to work on
* If an ad_actor setting gets changed we need to update the individual port
* settings so the bond device will use the new values when it gets upped.
void bond_3ad_update_ad_actor_settings(struct bonding *bond)
struct list_head *iter;
struct slave *slave;
BOND_AD_INFO(bond).system.sys_priority = bond->params.ad_actor_sys_prio;
if (is_zero_ether_addr(bond->params.ad_actor_system))
BOND_AD_INFO(bond).system.sys_mac_addr =
*((struct mac_addr *)bond->dev->dev_addr);
BOND_AD_INFO(bond).system.sys_mac_addr =
*((struct mac_addr *)bond->params.ad_actor_system);
bond_for_each_slave(bond, slave, iter)
* bond_3ad_state_machine_handler - handle state machines timeout
* @bond: bonding struct to work on
......@@ -1392,6 +1392,8 @@ static int bond_option_ad_actor_sys_prio_set(struct bonding *bond,
bond->params.ad_actor_sys_prio = newval->value;
return 0;
......@@ -1418,6 +1420,8 @@ static int bond_option_ad_actor_system_set(struct bonding *bond,
netdev_info(bond->dev, "Setting ad_actor_system to %pM\n", mac);
ether_addr_copy(bond->params.ad_actor_system, mac);
return 0;
......@@ -306,5 +306,6 @@ int bond_3ad_lacpdu_recv(const struct sk_buff *skb, struct bonding *bond,
struct slave *slave);
int bond_3ad_set_carrier(struct bonding *bond);
void bond_3ad_update_lacp_rate(struct bonding *bond);
void bond_3ad_update_ad_actor_settings(struct bonding *bond);
#endif /* _NET_BOND_3AD_H */
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