Commit 5a4c8666 authored by Nicholas Bellinger's avatar Nicholas Bellinger

iscsi-target: Fix non-immediate TMR handling

This patch addresses two issues with non immediate TMR handling in
iscsit_handle_task_mgt_cmd().  The first involves breakage due to
v3.1-rc conversion of iscsit_sequence_cmd(), which upon good status
would hit the iscsit_add_reject_from_cmd() block of code.  This patch
adds an explict check for CMDSN_ERROR_CANNOT_RECOVER.

The second adds a check to return when non immediate TMR operation is
detected after iscsit_ack_from_expstatsn(), as iscsit_sequence_cmd()
-> iscsit_execute_cmd() will have called transport_generic_handle_tmr()
for the non immediate TMR case already.

Cc: Andy Grover <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarNicholas Bellinger <>
parent 7e32da55
......@@ -1821,17 +1821,16 @@ attach:
int cmdsn_ret = iscsit_sequence_cmd(conn, cmd, hdr->cmdsn);
if (cmdsn_ret == CMDSN_HIGHER_THAN_EXP)
out_of_order_cmdsn = 1;
else if (cmdsn_ret == CMDSN_LOWER_THAN_EXP) {
else if (cmdsn_ret == CMDSN_LOWER_THAN_EXP)
return 0;
} else { /* (cmdsn_ret == CMDSN_ERROR_CANNOT_RECOVER) */
else if (cmdsn_ret == CMDSN_ERROR_CANNOT_RECOVER)
return iscsit_add_reject_from_cmd(
1, 0, buf, cmd);
iscsit_ack_from_expstatsn(conn, hdr->exp_statsn);
if (out_of_order_cmdsn)
if (out_of_order_cmdsn || !(hdr->opcode & ISCSI_OP_IMMEDIATE))
return 0;
* Found the referenced task, send to transport for processing.
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