Commit 577577da authored by Mike Christie's avatar Mike Christie Committed by James Bottomley

[SCSI] libiscsi: prepare libiscsi for new offload engines by modifying unsol data code

cxgb3i offloads data transfers. It does not offload the entire scsi/iscsi
procssing like qla4xxx and it does not offload the iscsi sequence
processing like how bnx2i does. cxgb3i relies on iscsi_tcp for the
seqeunce handling so this changes how we transfer unsolicitied data by
adding a common r2t struct and helpers.
Signed-off-by: default avatarMike Christie <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJames Bottomley <>
parent 63c62f1c
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......@@ -93,24 +93,38 @@ enum {
struct iscsi_r2t_info {
__be32 ttt; /* copied from R2T */
__be32 exp_statsn; /* copied from R2T */
uint32_t data_length; /* copied from R2T */
uint32_t data_offset; /* copied from R2T */
int data_count; /* DATA-Out payload progress */
int datasn;
/* LLDs should set/update these values */
int sent; /* R2T sequence progress */
struct iscsi_task {
* Because LLDs allocate their hdr differently, this is a pointer
* and length to that storage. It must be setup at session
* creation time.
struct iscsi_cmd *hdr;
struct iscsi_hdr *hdr;
unsigned short hdr_max;
unsigned short hdr_len; /* accumulated size of hdr used */
/* copied values in case we need to send tmfs */
itt_t hdr_itt;
__be32 cmdsn;
uint8_t lun[8];
int itt; /* this ITT */
uint32_t unsol_datasn;
unsigned imm_count; /* imm-data (bytes) */
unsigned unsol_count; /* unsolicited (bytes)*/
/* offset in unsolicited stream (bytes); */
unsigned unsol_offset;
unsigned data_count; /* remaining Data-Out */
struct iscsi_r2t_info unsol_r2t;
char *data; /* mgmt payload */
unsigned data_count;
struct scsi_cmnd *sc; /* associated SCSI cmd*/
struct iscsi_conn *conn; /* used connection */
......@@ -121,6 +135,11 @@ struct iscsi_task {
void *dd_data; /* driver/transport data */
static inline int iscsi_task_has_unsol_data(struct iscsi_task *task)
return task->unsol_r2t.data_length > task->unsol_r2t.sent;
static inline void* iscsi_next_hdr(struct iscsi_task *task)
return (void*)task->hdr + task->hdr_len;
......@@ -376,8 +395,9 @@ extern void iscsi_suspend_tx(struct iscsi_conn *conn);
* pdu and task processing
extern void iscsi_update_cmdsn(struct iscsi_session *, struct iscsi_nopin *);
extern void iscsi_prep_unsolicit_data_pdu(struct iscsi_task *,
struct iscsi_data *hdr);
extern void iscsi_prep_data_out_pdu(struct iscsi_task *task,
struct iscsi_r2t_info *r2t,
struct iscsi_data *hdr);
extern int iscsi_conn_send_pdu(struct iscsi_cls_conn *, struct iscsi_hdr *,
char *, uint32_t);
extern int iscsi_complete_pdu(struct iscsi_conn *, struct iscsi_hdr *,
......@@ -113,10 +113,15 @@ struct iscsi_transport {
char *data, uint32_t data_size);
void (*get_stats) (struct iscsi_cls_conn *conn,
struct iscsi_stats *stats);
int (*init_task) (struct iscsi_task *task);
int (*xmit_task) (struct iscsi_task *task);
void (*cleanup_task) (struct iscsi_conn *conn,
struct iscsi_task *task);
void (*cleanup_task) (struct iscsi_task *task);
int (*alloc_pdu) (struct iscsi_task *task);
int (*xmit_pdu) (struct iscsi_task *task);
int (*init_pdu) (struct iscsi_task *task, unsigned int offset,
unsigned int count);
void (*session_recovery_timedout) (struct iscsi_cls_session *session);
struct iscsi_endpoint *(*ep_connect) (struct sockaddr *dst_addr,
int non_blocking);
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