Commit 51efe394 authored by Haggai Eran's avatar Haggai Eran Committed by Doug Ledford

IB/cma: Share ib_cm_ids between rdma_cm_ids

Use ib_cm_insert_listen to create listening IB CM IDs or share existing
ones if needed. When given a request on a specific CM ID, the code now
matches the request to the RDMA CM ID based on the request parameters, so
it no longer needs to rely on the ib_cm's private data matching
Signed-off-by: default avatarHaggai Eran <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarDoug Ledford <>
parent 0b3ca768
......@@ -1771,42 +1771,6 @@ __be64 rdma_get_service_id(struct rdma_cm_id *id, struct sockaddr *addr)
static void cma_set_compare_data(enum rdma_port_space ps, struct sockaddr *addr,
struct ib_cm_compare_data *compare)
struct cma_hdr *cma_data, *cma_mask;
__be32 ip4_addr;
struct in6_addr ip6_addr;
memset(compare, 0, sizeof *compare);
cma_data = (void *) compare->data;
cma_mask = (void *) compare->mask;
switch (addr->sa_family) {
case AF_INET:
ip4_addr = ((struct sockaddr_in *) addr)->sin_addr.s_addr;
cma_set_ip_ver(cma_data, 4);
cma_set_ip_ver(cma_mask, 0xF);
if (!cma_any_addr(addr)) {
cma_data->dst_addr.ip4.addr = ip4_addr;
cma_mask->dst_addr.ip4.addr = htonl(~0);
case AF_INET6:
ip6_addr = ((struct sockaddr_in6 *) addr)->sin6_addr;
cma_set_ip_ver(cma_data, 6);
cma_set_ip_ver(cma_mask, 0xF);
if (!cma_any_addr(addr)) {
cma_data->dst_addr.ip6 = ip6_addr;
memset(&cma_mask->dst_addr.ip6, 0xFF,
sizeof cma_mask->dst_addr.ip6);
static int cma_iw_handler(struct iw_cm_id *iw_id, struct iw_cm_event *iw_event)
struct rdma_id_private *id_priv = iw_id->context;
......@@ -1960,33 +1924,18 @@ out:
static int cma_ib_listen(struct rdma_id_private *id_priv)
struct ib_cm_compare_data compare_data;
struct sockaddr *addr;
struct ib_cm_id *id;
__be64 svc_id;
int ret;
id = ib_create_cm_id(id_priv->id.device, cma_req_handler, id_priv);
addr = cma_src_addr(id_priv);
svc_id = rdma_get_service_id(&id_priv->id, addr);
id = ib_cm_insert_listen(id_priv->id.device, cma_req_handler, svc_id);
if (IS_ERR(id))
return PTR_ERR(id);
id_priv->cm_id.ib = id;
addr = cma_src_addr(id_priv);
svc_id = rdma_get_service_id(&id_priv->id, addr);
if (cma_any_addr(addr) && !id_priv->afonly)
ret = ib_cm_listen(id_priv->cm_id.ib, svc_id, 0, NULL);
else {
cma_set_compare_data(id_priv->, addr, &compare_data);
ret = ib_cm_listen(id_priv->cm_id.ib, svc_id, 0, &compare_data);
if (ret) {
id_priv->cm_id.ib = NULL;
return ret;
return 0;
static int cma_iw_listen(struct rdma_id_private *id_priv, int backlog)
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