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    Merge branch 'drm-next' of git://people.freedesktop.org/~airlied/linux · 1d6da87a
    Linus Torvalds authored
    Pull drm updates from Dave Airlie:
     "Here's the main drm pull request for 4.7, it's been a busy one, and
      I've been a bit more distracted in real life this merge window.  Lots
      more ARM drivers, not sure if it'll ever end.  I think I've at least
      one more coming the next merge window.
      But changes are all over the place, support for AMD Polaris GPUs is in
      here, some missing GM108 support for nouveau (found in some Lenovos),
      a bunch of MST and skylake fixes.
      I've also noticed a few fixes from Arnd in my inbox, that I'll try and
      get in asap, but I didn't think they should hold this up.
      New drivers:
       - Hisilicon kirin display driver
       - Mediatek MT8173 display driver
       - ARC PGU - bitstreamer on Synopsys ARC SDP boards
       - Allwinner A13 initial RGB output driver
       - Analogix driver for DisplayPort IP found in exynos and rockchip
      DRM Core:
       - UAPI headers fixes and C++ safety
       - DRM connector reference counting
       - DisplayID mode parsing for Dell 5K monitors
       - Removal of struct_mutex from drivers
       - Connector registration cleanups
       - MST robustness fixes
       - MAINTAINERS updates
       - Lockless GEM object freeing
       - Generic fbdev deferred IO support
       - Support for a bunch of new panels
       - VBT refactoring
       - PLL computation cleanups
       - DSI support for BXT
       - Color manager support
       - More atomic patches
       - GEM improvements
       - GuC fw loading fixes
       - DP detection fixes
       - SKL GPU hang fixes
       - Lots of BXT fixes
       - Initial Polaris support
       - GPUVM/Scheduler/Clock/Power improvements
       - ASYNC pageflip support
       - New mesa feature support
       - GM108 support
       - Power sensor support improvements
       - GR init + ucode fixes.
       - Use GPU provided topology information
       - Add host messaging support
       - Some cleanups and fixes
       - Bridge support
       - Async atomic commit support
       - Timing controller for LCD support
       - Pixel clock polarity support
       - Misc fixes
       - Pipeline clock support
       - Exynoss4533 SoC support
       - HW trigger mode support
       - export HDMI_PHY clock
       - DECON5433 fixes
       - Use generic prime functions
       - use DMA mapping APIs
       - Lots of little fixes
       - Render node support
       - Gamma ramp support
       - DPI output support
       - Mostly cleanups and fixes
       - Conversion to generic struct fence
       - Fix for prime buffer handling
       - Allow hangcheck to be coalesced with other wakeups
       - Gamme table size fix"
    * 'drm-next' of git://people.freedesktop.org/~airlied/linux: (1050 commits)
      drm/edid: add displayid detailed 1 timings to the modelist. (v1.1)
      drm/edid: move displayid validation to it's own function.
      drm/displayid: Iterate over all DisplayID blocks
      drm/edid: move displayid tiled block parsing into separate function.
      drm: Nuke ->vblank_disable_allowed
      drm/vmwgfx: Report vmwgfx version to vmware.log
      drm/vmwgfx: Add VMWare host messaging capability
      drm/vmwgfx: Kill some lockdep warnings
      drm/nouveau/gr/gf100-: fix race condition in fecs/gpccs ucode
      drm/nouveau/core: recognise GM108 chipsets
      drm/nouveau/gr/gm107-: fix touching non-existent ppcs in attrib cb setup
      drm/nouveau/gr/gk104-: share implementation of ppc exception init
      drm/nouveau/gr/gk104-: move rop_active_fbps init to nonctx
      drm/nouveau/bios/pll: check BIT table version before trying to parse it
      drm/nouveau/bios/pll: prevent oops when limits table can't be parsed
      drm/nouveau/volt/gk104: round up in gk104_volt_set
      drm/nouveau/fb/gm200: setup mmu debug buffer registers at init()
      drm/nouveau/fb/gk20a,gm20b: setup mmu debug buffer registers at init()
      drm/nouveau/fb/gf100-: allocate mmu debug buffers
      drm/nouveau/fb: allow chipset-specific actions for oneinit()
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