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    NFC: st21nfca: Adding support for secure element · 2130fb97
    Christophe Ricard authored
    st21nfca has 1 physical SWP line and can support up to 2 secure elements
    (UICC & eSE) thanks to an external switch managed with a gpio.
    The platform integrator needs to specify thanks to 2 initialization
    properties, uicc-present and ese-present, if it is suppose to have uicc
    and/or ese. Of course if the platform does not have an external switch,
    only one kind of secure element can be supported. Those parameters are
    under platform integrator responsibilities.
    During initialization, the white_list will be set according to those
    The discovery_se function will assume a secure element is physically
    present according to uicc-present and ese-present values and will add it
    to the secure element list. On ese activation, the atr is retrieved to
    calculate a command exchange timeout based on the first atr(TB) value.
    The se_io will allow to transfer data over SWP. 2 kind of events may appear
    after a data is sent over:
    - ST21NFCA_EVT_TRANSMIT_DATA when receiving an apdu answer
    - ST21NFCA_EVT_WTX_REQUEST when the secure element needs more time than
    expected to compute a command. If this timeout expired, a first recovery
    tentative consist to send a simple software reset proprietary command.
    If this tentative still fail, a second recovery tentative consist to send
    a hardware reset proprietary command.
    This function is only relevant for eSE like secure element.
    This patch also change the way a pipe is referenced. There can be
    different pipe connected to the same gate with different host destination
    (ex: CONNECTIVITY). In order to keep host information every pipe are
    reference with a tuple (gate, host). In order to reduce changes, we are
    keeping unchanged the way a gate is addressed on the Terminal Host.
    However, this is working because we consider the apdu reader gate is only
    present on the eSE slot also the connectivity gate cannot give a reliable
    value; it will give the latest stored pipe value.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarChristophe Ricard <>
    Signed-off-by: default avatarSamuel Ortiz <>
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