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    Merge branch 'akpm' (patches from Andrew) · 271ecc52
    Linus Torvalds authored
    Merge first patch-bomb from Andrew Morton:
     - some misc things
     - ofs2 updates
     - about half of MM
     - checkpatch updates
     - autofs4 update
    * emailed patches from Andrew Morton <akpm@linux-foundation.org>: (120 commits)
      autofs4: fix string.h include in auto_dev-ioctl.h
      autofs4: use pr_xxx() macros directly for logging
      autofs4: change log print macros to not insert newline
      autofs4: make autofs log prints consistent
      autofs4: fix some white space errors
      autofs4: fix invalid ioctl return in autofs4_root_ioctl_unlocked()
      autofs4: fix coding style line length in autofs4_wait()
      autofs4: fix coding style problem in autofs4_get_set_timeout()
      autofs4: coding style fixes
      autofs: show pipe inode in mount options
      kallsyms: add support for relative offsets in kallsyms address table
      kallsyms: don't overload absolute symbol type for percpu symbols
      x86: kallsyms: disable absolute percpu symbols on !SMP
      checkpatch: fix another left brace warning
      checkpatch: improve UNSPECIFIED_INT test for bare signed/unsigned uses
      checkpatch: warn on bare unsigned or signed declarations without int
      checkpatch: exclude asm volatile from complex macro check
      mm: memcontrol: drop unnecessary lru locking from mem_cgroup_migrate()
      mm: migrate: consolidate mem_cgroup_migrate() calls
      mm/compaction: speed up pageblock_pfn_to_page() when zone is contiguous
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