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    [PATCH] Dynamic kernel command-line: common · 30d7e0d4
    Alon Bar-Lev authored
    Current implementation stores a static command-line buffer allocated to
    COMMAND_LINE_SIZE size.  Most architectures stores two copies of this buffer,
    one for future reference and one for parameter parsing.
    Current kernel command-line size for most architecture is much too small for
    module parameters, video settings, initramfs paramters and much more.  The
    problem is that setting COMMAND_LINE_SIZE to a grater value, allocates static
    In order to allow a greater command-line size, these buffers should be
    dynamically allocated or marked as init disposable buffers, so unused memory
    can be released.
    This patch renames the static saved_command_line variable into
    boot_command_line adding __initdata attribute, so that it can be disposed
    after initialization.  This rename is required so applications that use
    saved_command_line will not be affected by this change.
    It reintroduces saved_command_line as dynamically allocated buffer to match
    the data in boot_command_line.
    It also mark secondary command-line buffer as __initdata, and copies it to
    dynamically allocated static_command_line buffer components may hold reference
    to it after initialization.
    This patch is for linux-2.6.20-rc4-mm1 and is divided to target each
    architecture.  I could not check this in any architecture so please forgive me
    if I got it wrong.
    The per-architecture modification is very simple, use boot_command_line in
    place of saved_command_line.  The common code is the change into dynamic
    This patch:
    1. Rename saved_command_line into boot_command_line, mark as init
    2. Add dynamic allocated saved_command_line.
    3. Add dynamic allocated static_command_line.
    4. During startup copy: boot_command_line into saved_command_line.  arch
       command_line into static_command_line.
    5. Parse static_command_line and not arch command_line, so arch
       command_line may be freed.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarAlon Bar-Lev <alon.barlev@gmail.com>
    Cc: Andi Kleen <ak@muc.de>
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