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    um: add extended processor state save/restore support · a78ff111
    Eli Cooper authored
    This patch extends save_fp_registers() and restore_fp_registers() to use
    PTRACE_GETREGSET and PTRACE_SETREGSET with the XSTATE note type, adding
    support for new processor state extensions between context switches.
    When the new ptrace requests are unavailable, it falls back to the old
    PTRACE_GETFPREGS and PTRACE_SETFPREGS methods, which have been renamed to
    save_i387_registers() and restore_i387_registers().
    Now these functions expect *fp_regs to have the space of an _xstate struct.
    Thus, this also makes ptrace in UML responde to PTRACE_GETFPREGS/_SETFPREG
    requests with a user_i387_struct (thus independent from HOST_FP_SIZE), and
    by calling save_i387_registers() and restore_i387_registers() instead of
    the extended save_fp_registers() and restore_fp_registers() functions.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarEli Cooper <elicooper@gmx.com>
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