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    • James Bottomley's avatar
      [SCSI] libsas: use the supplied address for SATA devices rather than changing it · a29c0515
      James Bottomley authored
      Once the phy reset is plumbed in properly, SATA error handling fails
      nastily because we change the port attached_sas_address using the WWN
      field of the IDENTIFY message.  This is a nice thing to do in theory,
      but it really destroys hotplug because any event on the port causes an
      automatic mismatch between the sas_address the phy just picked up and
      the one we propagate into the port.  However ugly they are, we have to
      stick with the sas addresses made up by the phys and expanders.
      Also does a few cosmetic changes to the way port printing is done to
      make it clearer how a port is formed.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarJames Bottomley <>
  8. 27 Jan, 2007 1 commit
    • Darrick J. Wong's avatar
      [SCSI] libsas: Fix incorrect sas_port deformation in sas_form_port · 3b6e9faf
      Darrick J. Wong authored
      Currently, sas_form_port checks the given asd_sas_phy's sas_phy to see if
      there's already a port attached.  If so, the SAS addresses of the port and
      the phy are compared to determine if we need to detach from the port
      because the addresses don't match or if we can stop; the SAS address stored
      in the sas_port reflects whatever device _was_ attached to the port/phy, and
      the SAS address stored in the sas_port reflects whatever device we just
      discovered.  As written, the code detaches from the port if the addresses
      _do_ match, and prints an error if they do _not_ match.  I believe this to
      be incorrect, as it seems more logical to keep the port if the addresses
      match (i.e. the phy was reset but the device didn't change), and detach it
      they do not (i.e. the device changed).
      Signed-off-by: default avatarDarrick J. Wong <>
      Signed-off-by: default avatarJames Bottomley <>
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    • James Bottomley's avatar
      [SCSI] aic94xx: new driver · 2908d778
      James Bottomley authored
      This is the end point of the separate aic94xx driver based on the
      original driver and transport class from Luben Tuikov
      The log of the separate development is:
      Alexis Bruemmer:
        o aic94xx: fix hotplug/unplug for expanderless systems
        o aic94xx: disable split completion timer/setting by default
        o aic94xx: wide port off expander support
        o aic94xx: remove various inline functions
        o aic94xx: use bitops
        o aic94xx: remove queue comment
        o aic94xx: remove sas_common.c
        o aic94xx: sas remove depot's
        o aic94xx: use available list_for_each_entry_safe_reverse()
        o aic94xx: sas header file merge
      James Bottomley:
        o aic94xx: fix TF_TMF_NO_CTX processing
        o aic94xx: convert to request_firmware interface
        o aic94xx: fix hotplug/unplug
        o aic94xx: add link error counts to the expander phys
        o aic94xx: add transport class phy reset capability
        o aic94xx: remove local_attached flag
        o Remove README
        o Fixup Makefile variable for libsas rename
        o Rename sas->libsas
        o aic94xx: correct return code for sas_discover_event
        o aic94xx: use parent backlink port
        o aic94xx: remove channel abstraction
        o aic94xx: fix routing algorithms
        o aic94xx: add backlink port
        o aic94xx: fix cascaded expander properties
        o aic94xx: fix sleep under lock
        o aic94xx: fix panic on module removal in complex topology
        o aic94xx: make use of the new sas_port
        o rename sas_port to asd_sas_port
        o Fix for eh_strategy_handler move
        o aic94xx: move entirely over to correct transport class formulation
        o remove last vestages of sas_rphy_alloc()
        o update for eh_timed_out move
        o Preliminary expander support for aic94xx
        o sas: remove event thread
        o minor warning cleanups
        o remove last vestiges of id mapping arrays
        o Further updates
        o Convert aic94xx over entirely to the transport class end device and
        o update aic94xx/sas to use the new sas transport class end device
        o [PATCH] aic94xx: attaching to the sas transport class
        o Add missing completion removal from prior patch
        o [PATCH] aic94xx: attaching to the sas transport class
        o Build fixes from akpm
      Jeff Garzik:
        o [scsi aic94xx] Remove ->owner from PCI info table
      Luben Tuikov:
        o initial aic94xx driver
      Mike Anderson:
        o aic94xx: fix panic on module insertion
        o aic94xx: stub out SATA_DEV case
        o aic94xx: compile warning cleanups
        o aic94xx: sas_alloc_task
        o aic94xx: ref count update
        o aic94xx nexus loss time value
        o [PATCH] aic94xx: driver assertion in non-x86 BIOS env
      Randy Dunlap:
        o libsas: externs not needed
      Robert Tarte:
        o aic94xx: sequence patch - fixes SATA support
      Signed-off-by: default avatarJames Bottomley <>