1. 10 Jan, 2010 7 commits
  2. 07 Jan, 2010 17 commits
  3. 06 Jan, 2010 12 commits
  4. 05 Jan, 2010 3 commits
  5. 22 Dec, 2009 1 commit
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      Merge remote branch 'korg/drm-radeon-next' into drm-linus · d94a5108
      Dave Airlie authored
      * korg/drm-radeon-next:
        drm/radeon/kms: add definitions for v4 power tables
        drm/radeon/kms: never combine LVDS with another encoder
        drm/radeon/kms: Check module arguments to be valid V2
        drm/radeon/kms: Avoid crash when trying to cleanup uninitialized structure
        drm/radeon/kms: add cvt mode if we only have lvds w/h and no edid (v4)
        drm/radeon/kms: add 3DC compression support
        drm/radeon/kms: allow rendering while no colorbuffer is set on r300
        drm/radeon/kms: enable memory clock reading on legacy (V2)
        drm/radeon/kms: prevent parallel AtomBIOS calls
        drm/radeon/kms: set proper default tv standard
        drm/radeon/kms: fix legacy rmx
        drm/radeon/kms/atom: fill in proper defines for digital setup