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      drm/i915: don't pwrite tiled objects through the gtt · c07496fa
      Daniel Vetter authored
      ... we will botch up the bit17 swizzling. Furthermore tiled pwrite is
      a (now) unused slowpath, so no one really cares.
      This fixes the last swizzling issues I have with i-g-t on my bit17
      swizzling i915G. No regression, it's been broken since the dawn of
      gem, but it's nice for regression tracking when really _all_ i-g-t
      tests work.
      Actually this is not true, Chris Wilson noticed while reviewing this
      patch that the commit
      commit d9e86c0e
      Author: Chris Wilson <chris@chris-wilson.co.uk>
      Date:   Wed Nov 10 16:40:20 2010 +0000
          drm/i915: Pipelined fencing [infrastructure]
      contained a functional change that broke things.
      Reviewed-by: default avatarChris Wilson <chris@chris-wilson.co.uk>
      Signed-Off-by: default avatarDaniel Vetter <daniel.vetter@ffwll.ch>
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