1. 25 Oct, 2016 40 commits
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      Loads / stores to cr3 now handled (untested). · 40de4ae2
      Charlie Jacobsen authored
      This is necessary for e.g. the emulab machines (loads /
      stores to cr3 are not allowed in non-root, so must be
      handled by hypervisor). Code simply copies values between
      fields in lcd data structure.
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      Simple EPT fault handling code in place (untested). · c37435a0
      Charlie Jacobsen authored
      Removed the `auto' memory alloc and map from the
      original handler. The new handler is simple for now;
      it just reads the guest virtual and physical addresses
      involved in the fault. The arch-indepent code will be
      responsible for deciding what to do.
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      External interrupt code in place (untested). · 1abf5ea6
      Charlie Jacobsen authored
      -- pretty much a straight copy over of the old code,
         but with comments
      -- one big difference: interrupts are assumed to be
         enabled when this routine is called (I can't see
         how kvm is allowing the handling of external interrupts
         because it disables them when it enters vmx non-root.
         See the kvm code in x86.c:vcpu_enter_guest.)
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      Set up simple lcd run (no loop) and some handling (untested). · 070e2688
      Charlie Jacobsen authored
      -- disables kernel preemption while lcd is running
      -- simple switch on vmx exit conditions
      -- for nmi's and exceptions generated by lcd
      -- for `hardware exceptions': page faults, traps,
         machine checks
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      switched makefile to use vember in repo · 1ba7bf47
      Sarah Spall authored
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      fixed error in arguments rule · 7897cfcf
      Sarah Spall authored
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      Updated kconfig files. · dee9b495
      Charlie Jacobsen authored
      -- Moved LCD_INTEL config to arch/x86/Kconfig
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      Simple re-naming to arch-agnostic names for arch-dep interface. · c8a88195
      Charlie Jacobsen authored
      -- Moved some vmx-specific data structures into implementation file.
      -- lcd_vmx_* => lcd_arch_*
      -- updated virt/lcd/lcd-domains.c
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      Added low level vmx launch / resume code. · d90c0cac
      Charlie Jacobsen authored
      Pretty much straight copy over of lcd_run => vmx_enter.
      More comments. Removed re-load of user %ds and %es since
      we are running in 64-bit.
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      removing generated files · 689cc475
      Sarah Spall authored
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      removing tests directory · 1e895737
      Sarah Spall authored
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      removing doc directory · 10172da3
      Sarah Spall authored
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      removing probably generated file · 58282b09
      Sarah Spall authored
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      Adding vembyr, needed to generator parser, as well as a starting grammar based... · ecc3b58a
      Sarah Spall authored
      Adding vembyr, needed to generator parser, as well as a starting grammar based on Barrelfish's flounder, and other supporting files. Waited until code compiled to commit
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      Added header doc to lcd-vmx.h and lcd_vmx_destroy. · 4cdb5e83
      Charlie Jacobsen authored
      lcd_destroy => lcd_vmx_destroy. Pretty much a straight
      copy over, but removed some unneeded code.
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      Fixed vmcs configuration bugs (small macro bugs in vmx.h). · aad218b5
      Charles Jacobsen authored
      Debug controls macros for vm exit and vm entry were
      wrong (I wonder if the kvm guys know, it's in the stable
      linux build).
      I had to enable exiting on load / save to %cr3 for it
      to run on emulab machines.
      Tweaked vmx control debugging code, cleaned up
      logic in adjust_vmx_controls, much simpler.
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      Added vmx configuration debugging. · 8c3624a5
      Charles Jacobsen authored
      -- vmx_print_controls
      -- updated setup_vmcs_config to use it
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      Fixed bugs in lcd_vmx_create and dependencies. Clean build. · 4d27a893
      Charles Jacobsen authored
      Conditional compilation on number of autoload msr's.
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      Added vmcs read / write routines. · 0de48e3b
      Charlie Jacobsen authored
      Straight copy over from old code.
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      Finished lcd_vmx_create and its dependencies (untested). · 7607ec9a
      Charlie Jacobsen authored
      vmx_setup_vmcs ==> vmx_setup_vmcs_guest_settings and
      -- execution control (e.g., interrupt handling)
      -- ept pointer
      -- %cr0 and %cr4 access control
      -- initial %cr0, %cr4
      -- segmentation--bases, limits, selectors
      -- guest EFER (long mode enabled, no syscall/sysret)
      -- initial activity and interrupt state
      -- control and segmentation regs
      -- host EFER
      -- no saving of syscall/sysret msrs since these are
         disabled in guest
      -- no page attribute table
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      About half way done with vmcs initialization code. · acbb9533
      Charlie Jacobsen authored
      lcd_create --> lcd_vmx_create, with a lot of code
      re-factored or removed for now, to keep it simple
      (no gdt, idt, isr, paging bitmap, address space
      init, etc.).
      -- basic ept initialization
      -- vmcs loading on a cpu
         -- re-factored __vmx_setup_cpu to use built-in
            segment descriptor access functions in desc.h
         -- removed host sys_enter storage, since this
            msr is disabled right now anyway
         -- more doc to understand vmcs load process
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      Finished tweaking build setup (will test modprobe next). · cfee63b6
      Charles Jacobsen authored
      Some simple renaming
      -- LCD => LCD_DOMAINS
      -- core.c => lcd-domains.c
      -- new LCD_VMX_INTEL configuration
      Adjusted virt/lcd/Kconfig to reflect LCD_DOMAINS dependency
      on LCD_VMX_INTEL.
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      Successful build with lcd_vmx_init and lcd_vmx_exit. · 62e4ac37
      Charles Jacobsen authored
      Added straight copy from old code of lcd_vmx_exit.
      Shifted lcd_vmx_init and lcd_vmx_exit to
      arch/x86/include/asm/lcd-vmx.h. Ideally, if we want
      this to be arch-independent, probably want to change
      header to asm/lcd.h, and routines to lcd_arch_init
      and lcd_arch_exit, or something similar.
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      Fixed build system for lcd, and most compiler errors. · 7c05c7a0
      Charles Jacobsen authored
      Two components to the lcd build now:
      -- arch/x86/lcd/Makefile: for building x86 lcd code
      -- virt/lcd/Makefile: for building arch-indep lcd code
      Modified the build system just slightly for a cleaner
      -- virt/ directory treated like ipc/, usr/, etc. directories
      -- added Kconfig and Makefile to virt/, mirroring drivers/
      -- updated top-level Makefile to include virt/ as vmlinux
         directory / dependency, so build system will recur into
      -- updated arch/x86/Kconfig to include virt/Kconfig, so it
         will be included as a menu item
      -- updated arch/x86/Kbuild to include arch/x86/lcd/
      Removed old capabilities code in cap/.
      Removed lcd syscall.
      Temporarily turned off build for drivers/lcd.
      Fixed most bugs in lcd-vmx (still need to do lcd_vmx_exit).
      -- minor naming issues in lcd-vmx.h
      -- straight copy over of vmx_disable_intercepts_for_msr,
         but with more doc
      -- removed VMX_EPT_INDIVIDUAL_ADDR macro from vmx.h (where
         did this come from? it's not documented in the intel manual,
         nor is it used in kvm)
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      Tweaking the build set up. · 70f48063
      Charlie Jacobsen authored
      The main makefile will now go in virt/lcd. The
      lcd-vmx.h header will be in the standard include
      path, and I can reference the x86-dependent code
      from there, so it should all just work (build not
      tested yet, will do so soon).
      Small change to lcd-vmx.c: Made sure I freed
      msr bitmap page on failure.
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      Finished lcd_vmx_init and its dependencies. · 18122896
      Charlie Jacobsen authored
      Added a few missing macros to arch/x86/include/vmx.h,
      and RESERVED masks for easily determining which bits
      in a vmx control are reserved (needed in adjust_vmx_controls).
      Re-factored setup_vmcs_config and adjust_vmx_controls.
      setup_vmcs_config does pretty much the same thing, but it
      fails immediately if a control isn't available --
      adjust_vmx_controls confirms that the exact desired
      controls are available, and sets the reserved bits to
      1 or 0 as needed. Cleaner comments and organization.
      Re-factored the vmx basic settings to
      Removed some of the vmx feature check code that was in
      the original lcd_vmx_init, as setup_vmcs_config now does
      Essentially a straight copy over of:
      -- __vmx_enable
      -- vmx_enable
      -- vmx_disable
      -- vmx_free_vmxon_areas
      -- __vmxon
      -- __vmxoff
      The only difference is I shifted tbl and cache
      invalidation to vmx_enable (originally in __vmx_enable)
      and added some comments.
      Straight copy over of
      -- vmx_alloc_vmcs
      -- vmx_free_vmcs
      -- invvpid, invept code, with slight renaming
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      Starting a fresh lcd-vmx arch-dependent interface. · 8a6ad472
      Charlie Jacobsen authored
      Arch-dependent code will go in arch/x86/lcd, and the
      header(s) will reside in arch/x86/include/asm.
      For now, I have only moved some of the arch-dependent
      junk that was in include/lcd/lcd.h into
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      Completed re-factoring of address space code (untested). · 922c8135
      Charlie Jacobsen authored
      Completed lcd_setup_addr_space (replaced
      vmx_create_initial_page_table). lcd_setup_addr_space
      allocates and maps the guest physical and virtual
      memory needed for the lcd when it first enters.
      The code should be easily extendable for a different
      address space layout. Guest virtual and ept mapping
      code is now fairly symmetric and easier to understand.
      Comment headers for ept and gva functions.
      Next up: seeing if I can build, and get it to run.
      Then I'll merge with the main branch (lcd).
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      Re-factored guest virtual address space setup code. · 2170318e
      Charlie Jacobsen authored
      A lot of changes here (:gulp:).
      -- renamed to: lcd_ept_gpa_to_hva
      -- cleaned it up
      Bitmap no longer in lcd; declared as local var
      inside lcd_setup_guest_virtual.
      -- renamed / refactored to: lcd_gv_alloc_paging_mem_page
      -- new code allocs host physical page for paging mem,
         and allocates chunk of guest physical address space
         (by setting bit in bitmap, as before)
      -- renamed / refactored to: lcd_gv_walk
      -- break apart each level in guest virtual page
         walk into separate functions, to make it more
      -- serves purpose similar to lcd_ept_walk, but
         returns a pte in the guest virtual page table
      -- takes care of guest virtual mapping that
         the old vmx_setup_initial_page_table did
      Code not tested or built yet.
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      Updated memory layout and re-factored addr space init. · 5270acc4
      Charlie Jacobsen authored
      New memory layout in lcd_defs.h, with macros.
      -- no idt, tss, or interrupt service routines
      Started re-factoring lcd address space initialization.
      vmx_setup_initial_page_table will soon be replaced by
      -- lcd_setup_initial_ept for alloc'ing and mapping
         host physical memory
      -- re-factored some of the ept code to make the interface
      -- need to think about locking the ept, where it should
         be done
      -- soon will have lcd_setup_initial_virt, or something
         similar, for initializing guest virtual page tables.
      Copied map_gva_to_gpa routine to new tools/lcd/liblcd/vm.c.
      This is where liblcd will go. liblcd will contain utilities
      an lcd can call.
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      Export putname (fix module build) · b404082a
      Anton Burtsev authored
      Resolved-by: Vikram Narayanan's avatarVikram Narayanan <vikram186@gmail.com>
    • Anton Burtsev's avatar
      Clean up user-level includes, build inskern4lcd tool · 2d55c00d
      Anton Burtsev authored
      It took me a while to figure out a suggested layout for Linux
      user-visible headers. I ended up with this:
        ./include/lcd/lcd.h -- includes #include <uapi/linux/lcd.h>
        ./include/uapi/linux/lcd.h -- this file will be installed to
      Note on installing user-visible header files
       1) Add header-y += lcd.h line to include/uapi/linux/Kbuild
       2) Install sanitized header files into ./usr/include
          sudo make install_headers
       3) Copy ./usr/include to /usr/include
          sudo find usr/include \( -name .install -o -name ..install.cmd \) -delete
          sudo cp -rv usr/include/* /usr/include
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      ioctl interface to LCD · 552bd976
      Anton Burtsev authored