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      ARM: 6617/1: mmc, Add zboot from MMC support for SuperH Mobile ARM · f45b1149
      Simon Horman authored
      This allows a ROM-able zImage to be written to MMC and
      for SuperH Mobile ARM to boot directly from the MMCIF
      hardware block.
      This is achieved by the MaskROM loading the first portion
      of the image into MERAM and then jumping to it. This portion
      contains loader code which copies the entire image to SDRAM
      and jumps to it. From there the zImage boot code proceeds
      as normal, uncompressing the image into its final location
      and then jumping to it.
      Cc: Magnus Damm <>
      Russell, please consider merging this for 2.6.38.
      This patch depends on:
      * "mmc, sh: Move MMCIF_PROGRESS_* into sh_mmcif.h"
        which will be merged though Paul Mundt's rmobile sh-2.6.
        The absence of this patch will break the build if
        the (new) CONFIG_ZBOOT_ROM_MMCIF option is set.
        There are no subtle side-effects.
      Addressed comments by Magnus Damm
      * Fix copyright in vrl4.c
      * Fix use of #define CONFIG_ZBOOT_ROM_MMCIF in mmcif-sh7372.c
      * Initialise LED GPIO lines in head-ap4evb.txt instead of mmcif-sh7372.c
        as this is considered board-specific.
      Addressed comments made in person by Magnus Damm
      * Move mmcif_loader to be earlier in the image and
        reduce the number of blocks of boot program loaded by the MaskRom
        from 40 to 8 accordingly.
      * Move LED GPIO initialisation into mmcif_progress_init
        - This leaves the partner jet script unbloated
      * inline mmcif_update_progress so it is a static inline in a header file
      * Use htole16() and htole32() in v4rl.c to ensure
        that the output is little endian
      Addressed comments by Russell King
      * Simplify assembly code
      * Jump to code rather than an address <- bug fix
      * Use (void __iomem *) as appropriate
      Roll in mackerel support
      * This was previously a separate patch, only because of the order
        in which this code was developed
      Signed-off-by: default avatarSimon Horman <>
      Signed-off-by: default avatarRussell King <>