Commit ffc62976 authored by Daniel Vetter's avatar Daniel Vetter
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drm/i915: fall back to shmem pwrite when the buffer is not accessible

It's too expensive to move it around just for that pwrite, especially
when we're trashing on the mappable gtt part like crazy.

Tested-by: default avatarChris Wilson <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarChris Wilson <>
Signed-Off-by: default avatarDaniel Vetter <>
parent 58642885
......@@ -771,6 +771,7 @@ i915_gem_pwrite_ioctl(struct drm_device *dev, void *data,
if (obj->gtt_space &&
obj->cache_level == I915_CACHE_NONE &&
obj->map_and_fenceable &&
obj->base.write_domain != I915_GEM_DOMAIN_CPU) {
ret = i915_gem_gtt_pwrite_fast(dev, obj, args, file);
/* Note that the gtt paths might fail with non-page-backed user
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