Commit fe40cb62 authored by Ashok Nagarajan's avatar Ashok Nagarajan Committed by John W. Linville
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mac80211: Check basic rates when peering

Section 13.2.3 of IEEE 80211s standard requires BSSBasicRateSet of mesh nodes
to be identical to establish peer link.
Signed-off-by: default avatarAshok Nagarajan <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarThomas Pedersen <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJohn W. Linville <>
parent 9ebb61a2
......@@ -66,11 +66,13 @@ static void ieee80211_mesh_housekeeping_timer(unsigned long data)
* @ie: information elements of a management frame from the mesh peer
* @sdata: local mesh subif
* @basic_rates: BSSBasicRateSet of the peer candidate
* This function checks if the mesh configuration of a mesh point matches the
* local mesh configuration, i.e. if both nodes belong to the same mesh network.
bool mesh_matches_local(struct ieee802_11_elems *ie, struct ieee80211_sub_if_data *sdata)
bool mesh_matches_local(struct ieee802_11_elems *ie,
struct ieee80211_sub_if_data *sdata, u32 basic_rates)
struct ieee80211_if_mesh *ifmsh = &sdata->u.mesh;
struct ieee80211_local *local = sdata->local;
......@@ -94,6 +96,9 @@ bool mesh_matches_local(struct ieee802_11_elems *ie, struct ieee80211_sub_if_dat
(ifmsh->mesh_auth_id == ie->mesh_config->meshconf_auth)))
goto mismatch;
if (sdata->vif.bss_conf.basic_rates != basic_rates)
goto mismatch;
/* disallow peering with mismatched channel types for now */
if (ie->ht_operation &&
(local->_oper_channel_type !=
......@@ -656,12 +661,12 @@ static void ieee80211_mesh_rx_bcn_presp(struct ieee80211_sub_if_data *sdata,
if (!channel || channel->flags & IEEE80211_CHAN_DISABLED)
supp_rates = ieee80211_sta_get_rates(local, &elems,
band, &basic_rates);
if (elems.mesh_id && elems.mesh_config &&
mesh_matches_local(&elems, sdata)) {
supp_rates = ieee80211_sta_get_rates(local, &elems,
band, &basic_rates);
mesh_matches_local(&elems, sdata, basic_rates))
mesh_neighbour_update(mgmt->sa, supp_rates, sdata, &elems);
if (ifmsh->sync_ops)
......@@ -223,7 +223,7 @@ int ieee80211_new_mesh_header(struct ieee80211s_hdr *meshhdr,
int mesh_rmc_check(u8 *addr, struct ieee80211s_hdr *mesh_hdr,
struct ieee80211_sub_if_data *sdata);
bool mesh_matches_local(struct ieee802_11_elems *ie,
struct ieee80211_sub_if_data *sdata);
struct ieee80211_sub_if_data *sdata, u32 basic_rates);
void mesh_ids_set_default(struct ieee80211_if_mesh *mesh);
void mesh_mgmt_ies_add(struct sk_buff *skb,
struct ieee80211_sub_if_data *sdata);
......@@ -564,7 +564,7 @@ void mesh_rx_plink_frame(struct ieee80211_sub_if_data *sdata, struct ieee80211_m
rx_status->band, &basic_rates);
(!mesh_matches_local(&elems, sdata))) {
(!mesh_matches_local(&elems, sdata, basic_rates))) {
matches_local = false;
switch (ftype) {
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