Commit f9c98d02 authored by Hugh Dickins's avatar Hugh Dickins Committed by Linus Torvalds

[PATCH] mm: m68k kill stram swap

Please, please now delete the Atari CONFIG_STRAM_SWAP code.  It may be
excellent and ingenious code, but its reference to swap_vfsmnt betrays that it
hasn't been built since 2.5.1 (four years old come December), it's delving
deep into matters which are the preserve of core mm code, its only purpose is
to give the more conscientious mm guys an anxiety attack from time to time;
yet we keep on breaking it more and more.

If you want to use RAM for swap, then if the MTD driver does not already
provide just what you need, I'm sure David could be persuaded to add the
extra.  But you'd also like to be able to allocate extents of that swap for
other use: we can give you a core interface for that if you need.  But unbuilt
for four years suggests to me that there's no need at all.

I cannot swear the patch below won't break your build, but believe so.
Signed-off-by: default avatarHugh Dickins <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarAndrew Morton <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarLinus Torvalds <>
parent 147efea8
......@@ -1460,8 +1460,6 @@ running once the system is up.
stifb= [HW]
Format: bpp:<bpp1>[:<bpp2>[:<bpp3>...]]
stram_swap= [HW,M68k]
swiotlb= [IA-64] Number of I/O TLB slabs
switches= [HW,M68k]
......@@ -626,7 +626,7 @@ ignored (others aren't affected).
can be performed in optimal order. Not all SCSI devices support
tagged queuing (:-().
4.6 switches=
4.5 switches=
Syntax: switches=<list of switches>
......@@ -661,28 +661,6 @@ correctly.
earlier initialization ("ov_"-less) takes precedence. But the
switching-off on reset still happens in this case.
4.5) stram_swap=
Syntax: stram_swap=<do_swap>[,<max_swap>]
This option is available only if the kernel has been compiled with
CONFIG_STRAM_SWAP enabled. Normally, the kernel then determines
dynamically whether to actually use ST-RAM as swap space. (Currently,
the fraction of ST-RAM must be less or equal 1/3 of total memory to
enable this swapping.) You can override the kernel's decision by
specifying this option. 1 for <do_swap> means always enable the swap,
even if you have less alternate RAM. 0 stands for never swap to
ST-RAM, even if it's small enough compared to the rest of memory.
If ST-RAM swapping is enabled, the kernel usually uses all free
ST-RAM as swap "device". If the kernel resides in ST-RAM, the region
allocated by it is obviously never used for swapping :-) You can also
limit this amount by specifying the second parameter, <max_swap>, if
you want to use parts of ST-RAM as normal system memory. <max_swap> is
in kBytes and the number should be a multiple of 4 (otherwise: rounded
5) Options for Amiga Only:
......@@ -388,33 +388,11 @@ config AMIGA_PCMCIA
Include support in the kernel for pcmcia on Amiga 1200 and Amiga
600. If you intend to use pcmcia cards say Y; otherwise say N.
bool "Support for ST-RAM as swap space"
depends on ATARI && BROKEN
Some Atari 68k machines (including the 520STF and 1020STE) divide
their addressable memory into ST and TT sections. The TT section
(up to 512MB) is the main memory; the ST section (up to 4MB) is
accessible to the built-in graphics board, runs slower, and is
present mainly for backward compatibility with older machines.
This enables support for using (parts of) ST-RAM as swap space,
instead of as normal system memory. This can first enhance system
performance if you have lots of alternate RAM (compared to the size
of ST-RAM), because executable code always will reside in faster
memory. ST-RAM will remain as ultra-fast swap space. On the other
hand, it allows much improved dynamic allocations of ST-RAM buffers
for device driver modules (e.g. floppy, ACSI, SLM printer, DMA
sound). The probability that such allocations at module load time
fail is drastically reduced.
bool "ST-RAM statistics in /proc"
depends on ATARI
Say Y here to report ST-RAM usage statistics in /proc/stram. See
the help for CONFIG_STRAM_SWAP for discussion of ST-RAM and its
Say Y here to report ST-RAM usage statistics in /proc/stram.
bool "Use power LED as a heartbeat" if AMIGA || APOLLO || ATARI || MAC ||Q40
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