Commit f8642ebe authored by Michael Ellerman's avatar Michael Ellerman Committed by Paul Mackerras

[PATCH] powerpc: Remove calculation of io hole

In mm_init_ppc64() we calculate the location of the "IO hole", but then
no one ever looks at the value. So don't bother.

That's actually all mm_init_ppc64() does, so get rid of it too.
Signed-off-by: default avatarMichael Ellerman <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarPaul Mackerras <>
parent 6c600ad8
......@@ -497,8 +497,6 @@ void __init setup_system(void)
DBG(" <- setup_system()\n");
......@@ -84,54 +84,6 @@
/* max amount of RAM to use */
unsigned long __max_memory;
/* info on what we think the IO hole is */
unsigned long io_hole_start;
unsigned long io_hole_size;
* Do very early mm setup.
void __init mm_init_ppc64(void)
unsigned long i;
ppc64_boot_msg(0x100, "MM Init");
/* This is the story of the IO hole... please, keep seated,
* unfortunately, we are out of oxygen masks at the moment.
* So we need some rough way to tell where your big IO hole
* is. On pmac, it's between 2G and 4G, on POWER3, it's around
* that area as well, on POWER4 we don't have one, etc...
* We need that as a "hint" when sizing the TCE table on POWER3
* So far, the simplest way that seem work well enough for us it
* to just assume that the first discontinuity in our physical
* RAM layout is the IO hole. That may not be correct in the future
* (and isn't on iSeries but then we don't care ;)
for (i = 1; i < lmb.memory.cnt; i++) {
unsigned long base, prevbase, prevsize;
prevbase = lmb.memory.region[i-1].base;
prevsize = lmb.memory.region[i-1].size;
base = lmb.memory.region[i].base;
if (base > (prevbase + prevsize)) {
io_hole_start = prevbase + prevsize;
io_hole_size = base - (prevbase + prevsize);
if (io_hole_start)
printk("IO Hole assumed to be %lx -> %lx\n",
io_hole_start, io_hole_start + io_hole_size - 1);
ppc64_boot_msg(0x100, "MM Init Done");
void free_initmem(void)
unsigned long addr;
......@@ -54,8 +54,6 @@ extern void __init lmb_enforce_memory_limit(unsigned long memory_limit);
extern void lmb_dump_all(void);
extern unsigned long io_hole_start;
static inline unsigned long
lmb_size_bytes(struct lmb_region *type, unsigned long region_nr)
......@@ -236,7 +236,6 @@ extern void htab_initialize_secondary(void);
extern void hpte_init_native(void);
extern void hpte_init_lpar(void);
extern void hpte_init_iSeries(void);
extern void mm_init_ppc64(void);
extern long pSeries_lpar_hpte_insert(unsigned long hpte_group,
unsigned long va, unsigned long prpn,
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