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Commit f1d28fb0 authored by Roman Zippel's avatar Roman Zippel Committed by Sam Ravnborg

kconfig: move .kernelrelease

This moves the .kernelrelease file into include/config directory.  Remove its
generation from the config step, if the config step doesn't leave a proper
.config behind, it triggers a call to silentoldconfig.  Instead its generation
can be done via proper dependencies.
Signed-off-by: default avatarRoman Zippel <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarAndrew Morton <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarSam Ravnborg <>
parent 2e3646e5
......@@ -309,8 +309,8 @@ CFLAGS := -Wall -Wundef -Wstrict-prototypes -Wno-trigraphs \
-fno-strict-aliasing -fno-common
# Read KERNELRELEASE from .kernelrelease (if it exists)
KERNELRELEASE = $(shell cat .kernelrelease 2> /dev/null)
# Read KERNELRELEASE from include/config/kernel.release (if it exists)
KERNELRELEASE = $(shell cat include/config/kernel.release 2> /dev/null)
......@@ -406,7 +406,6 @@ export KBUILD_DEFCONFIG
config %config: scripts_basic outputmakefile FORCE
$(Q)mkdir -p include/linux include/config
$(Q)$(MAKE) $(build)=scripts/kconfig $@
$(Q)$(MAKE) -C $(srctree) KBUILD_SRC= .kernelrelease
# ===========================================================================
......@@ -714,7 +713,7 @@ $(vmlinux-dirs): prepare scripts
$(Q)$(MAKE) $(build)=$@
# Build the kernel release string
# The KERNELRELEASE is stored in a file named .kernelrelease
# The KERNELRELEASE is stored in a file named include/config/kernel.release
# to be used when executing for example make install or make modules_install
# Take the contents of any files called localversion* and the config
......@@ -748,9 +747,9 @@ endif
localver-full = $(localver)$(localver-auto)
# Store (new) KERNELRELASE string in .kernelrelease
# Store (new) KERNELRELASE string in include/config/kernel.release
kernelrelease = $(KERNELVERSION)$(localver-full)
.kernelrelease: FORCE
include/config/kernel.release: include/config/auto.conf FORCE
$(Q)rm -f $@
$(Q)echo $(kernelrelease) > $@
......@@ -771,7 +770,7 @@ PHONY += prepare-all
# and if so do:
# 1) Check that make has not been executed in the kernel src $(srctree)
# 2) Create the include2 directory, used for the second asm symlink
prepare3: .kernelrelease
prepare3: include/config/kernel.release
ifneq ($(KBUILD_SRC),)
@echo ' Using $(srctree) as source for kernel'
$(Q)if [ -f $(srctree)/.config -o -d $(srctree)/include/config ]; then \
......@@ -834,7 +833,7 @@ define filechk_version.h
include/linux/version.h: $(srctree)/Makefile .config .kernelrelease FORCE
include/linux/version.h: $(srctree)/Makefile include/config/kernel.release FORCE
$(call filechk,version.h)
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
......@@ -930,7 +929,7 @@ CLEAN_FILES += vmlinux \
MRPROPER_DIRS += include/config include2
MRPROPER_FILES += .config .config.old include/asm .version .old_version \
include/linux/autoconf.h include/linux/version.h \
.kernelrelease Module.symvers tags TAGS cscope*
Module.symvers tags TAGS cscope*
# clean - Delete most, but leave enough to build external modules
......@@ -1253,8 +1252,8 @@ checkstack:
$(PERL) $(src)/scripts/ $(ARCH)
$(if $(wildcard .kernelrelease), $(Q)echo $(KERNELRELEASE), \
$(error kernelrelease not valid - run 'make *config' to update it))
$(if $(wildcard include/config/kernel.release), $(Q)echo $(KERNELRELEASE), \
$(error kernelrelease not valid - run 'make prepare' to update it))
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