Commit ee0dd840 authored by Lennert Buytenhek's avatar Lennert Buytenhek Committed by Lennert Buytenhek
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[ARM] Feroceon: annotate 88fr531-vd CPU entries

Annotate the entries for the 88fr531-vd CPU core in
arch/arm/boot/compressed/head.S and arch/arm/mm/proc-feroceon.S
with the full name of the core.
Signed-off-by: default avatarLennert Buytenhek <>
Acked-by: default avatarRussell King <>
parent 4fc338e3
......@@ -414,6 +414,11 @@ cpu_feroceon_name:
.asciz "Feroceon"
.size cpu_feroceon_name, . - cpu_feroceon_name
.type cpu_88fr531_name, #object
.asciz "Feroceon 88FR531-vd"
.size cpu_88fr531_name, . - cpu_88fr531_name
.section "", #alloc, #execinstr
......@@ -445,8 +450,8 @@ __feroceon_old_id_proc_info:
.size __feroceon_old_id_proc_info, . - __feroceon_old_id_proc_info
.type __feroceon_proc_info,#object
.type __88fr531_proc_info,#object
.long 0x56055310
.long 0xfffffff0
.long PMD_TYPE_SECT | \
......@@ -463,9 +468,9 @@ __feroceon_proc_info:
.long cpu_arch_name
.long cpu_elf_name
.long cpu_feroceon_name
.long cpu_88fr531_name
.long feroceon_processor_functions
.long v4wbi_tlb_fns
.long feroceon_user_fns
.long feroceon_cache_fns
.size __feroceon_proc_info, . - __feroceon_proc_info
.size __88fr531_proc_info, . - __88fr531_proc_info
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