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Merge branch 'for-2.6.27' of git:// into upstream-next

parents fe2c802a 85ba9d97
......@@ -2690,12 +2690,10 @@ L:
S: Maintained
P: Dale Farnsworth
P: Manish Lachwani
P: Lennert Buytenhek
S: Odd Fixes for 2.4; Maintained for 2.6.
S: Supported
P: Petr Vandrovec
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -17,30 +17,59 @@
struct mv643xx_eth_shared_platform_data {
struct mbus_dram_target_info *dram;
unsigned int t_clk;
unsigned int t_clk;
struct mv643xx_eth_platform_data {
* Pointer back to our parent instance, and our port number.
struct platform_device *shared;
int port_number;
int port_number;
* Whether a PHY is present, and if yes, at which address.
struct platform_device *shared_smi;
int force_phy_addr;
int phy_addr;
u16 force_phy_addr; /* force override if phy_addr == 0 */
u16 phy_addr;
/* If speed is 0, then speed and duplex are autonegotiated. */
int speed; /* 0, SPEED_10, SPEED_100, SPEED_1000 */
int duplex; /* DUPLEX_HALF or DUPLEX_FULL */
/* non-zero values of the following fields override defaults */
u32 tx_queue_size;
u32 rx_queue_size;
u32 tx_sram_addr;
u32 tx_sram_size;
u32 rx_sram_addr;
u32 rx_sram_size;
u8 mac_addr[6]; /* mac address if non-zero*/
* Use this MAC address if it is valid, overriding the
* address that is already in the hardware.
u8 mac_addr[6];
* If speed is 0, autonegotiation is enabled.
* Valid values for speed: 0, SPEED_10, SPEED_100, SPEED_1000.
* Valid values for duplex: DUPLEX_HALF, DUPLEX_FULL.
int speed;
int duplex;
* Which RX/TX queues to use.
int rx_queue_mask;
int tx_queue_mask;
* Override default RX/TX queue sizes if nonzero.
int rx_queue_size;
int tx_queue_size;
* Use on-chip SRAM for RX/TX descriptors if size is nonzero
* and sufficient to contain all descriptors for the requested
* ring sizes.
unsigned long rx_sram_addr;
int rx_sram_size;
unsigned long tx_sram_addr;
int tx_sram_size;
#endif /* __LINUX_MV643XX_ETH_H */
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