Commit ea5a08cf authored by Rafał Miłecki's avatar Rafał Miłecki Committed by John W. Linville
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b43: HT-PHY: read clip state

We don't know yet when to restore it, implement just reading. We found
out what for are that PHY ops by comparing HT with N code.
Signed-off-by: default avatarRafał Miłecki <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJohn W. Linville <>
parent c750f795
......@@ -212,6 +212,13 @@ static void b43_phy_ht_force_rf_sequence(struct b43_wldev *dev, u16 rf_seq)
b43_phy_write(dev, B43_PHY_HT_RF_SEQ_MODE, save_seq_mode);
static void b43_phy_ht_read_clip_detection(struct b43_wldev *dev, u16 *clip_st)
clip_st[0] = b43_phy_read(dev, B43_PHY_HT_C1_CLIP1THRES);
clip_st[1] = b43_phy_read(dev, B43_PHY_HT_C2_CLIP1THRES);
clip_st[2] = b43_phy_read(dev, B43_PHY_HT_C3_CLIP1THRES);
static void b43_phy_ht_bphy_init(struct b43_wldev *dev)
unsigned int i;
......@@ -335,6 +342,7 @@ static void b43_phy_ht_op_prepare_structs(struct b43_wldev *dev)
static int b43_phy_ht_op_init(struct b43_wldev *dev)
u16 tmp;
u16 clip_state[3];
......@@ -443,7 +451,8 @@ static int b43_phy_ht_op_init(struct b43_wldev *dev)
/* TODO: PHY op on reg 0xb0 */
/* TODO: PHY ops on regs 0x40e, 0x44e, 0x48e */
/* TODO: Should we restore it? Or store it in global PHY info? */
b43_phy_ht_read_clip_detection(dev, clip_state);
if (b43_current_band(dev->wl) == IEEE80211_BAND_2GHZ)
......@@ -19,6 +19,10 @@
#define B43_PHY_HT_BW5 0x1D2
#define B43_PHY_HT_BW6 0x1D3
#define B43_PHY_HT_C1_CLIP1THRES B43_PHY_OFDM(0x00E)
#define B43_PHY_HT_C2_CLIP1THRES B43_PHY_OFDM(0x04E)
#define B43_PHY_HT_C3_CLIP1THRES B43_PHY_OFDM(0x08E)
#define B43_PHY_HT_RF_SEQ_MODE B43_PHY_EXTG(0x000)
#define B43_PHY_HT_RF_SEQ_TRIG B43_PHY_EXTG(0x003)
#define B43_PHY_HT_RF_SEQ_TRIG_RX2TX 0x0001 /* RX2TX */
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