Commit e838db68 authored by Masatake YAMATO's avatar Masatake YAMATO Committed by Sam Ravnborg

kbuild: adding symbols in Kconfig and defconfig to TAGS

I'm using TAGS generated from "make TAGS" to read the kernel source code.

When I met a ifdef block

	  #ifdef CONFIG_FOO

in the soruce code I would like to know the meaning CONFIG_FOO
to decide whether I should read inside the ifdef block
or not. meaning CONFIG_FOO is well documented in Kconfig.
So it is nice if I can jump to CONFIG_FOO entry in Kconfig
from "#ifdef CONFIG_FOO" with the tag jump.

Here is the patch to add symbols in Kconfig and defconfig to TAGS
in "make TAGS" operation.
Signed-off-by: default avatarMasatake YAMATO <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarSam Ravnborg <>
parent 6803dc0e
......@@ -1192,25 +1192,35 @@ endif
define all-sources
( find $(__srctree) $(RCS_FIND_IGNORE) \
define find-sources
( find $(__srctree) $(RCS_FIND_IGNORE) \
\( -name include -o -name arch \) -prune -o \
-name '*.[chS]' -print; \
-name $1 -print; \
for ARCH in $(ALLSOURCE_ARCHS) ; do \
find $(__srctree)arch/$${ARCH} $(RCS_FIND_IGNORE) \
-name '*.[chS]' -print; \
-name $1 -print; \
done ; \
find $(__srctree)security/selinux/include $(RCS_FIND_IGNORE) \
-name '*.[chS]' -print; \
-name $1 -print; \
find $(__srctree)include $(RCS_FIND_IGNORE) \
\( -name config -o -name 'asm-*' \) -prune \
-o -name '*.[chS]' -print; \
-o -name $1 -print; \
for ARCH in $(ALLINCLUDE_ARCHS) ; do \
find $(__srctree)include/asm-$${ARCH} $(RCS_FIND_IGNORE) \
-name '*.[chS]' -print; \
-name $1 -print; \
done ; \
find $(__srctree)include/asm-generic $(RCS_FIND_IGNORE) \
-name '*.[chS]' -print )
-name $1 -print )
define all-sources
$(call find-sources,'*.[chS]')
define all-kconfigs
$(call find-sources,'Kconfig*')
define all-defconfigs
$(call find-sources,'defconfig')
quiet_cmd_cscope-file = FILELST cscope.files
......@@ -1230,7 +1240,13 @@ define cmd_TAGS
echo "-I __initdata,__exitdata,__acquires,__releases \
--extra=+f --c-kinds=+px"`; \
$(all-sources) | xargs etags $$ETAGSF -a
$(all-sources) | xargs etags $$ETAGSF -a; \
if test "x$$ETAGSF" = x; then \
$(all-kconfigs) | xargs etags -a \
--regex='/^config[ \t]+\([a-zA-Z0-9_]+\)/\1/'; \
$(all-defconfigs) | xargs etags -a \
--regex='/^#?[ \t]?\(CONFIG_[a-zA-Z0-9_]+\)/\1/'; \
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