Commit e7a12b64 authored by Tomi Valkeinen's avatar Tomi Valkeinen
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OMAP: 3430SDP: Remove unused vdda_dac supply

Remove extra vdda_dac supply definition. It was a leftover from conflict
Signed-off-by: default avatarTomi Valkeinen <>
parent 94a06b74
......@@ -307,9 +307,6 @@ static struct omap_dss_board_info sdp3430_dss_data = {
.default_device = &sdp3430_lcd_device,
static struct regulator_consumer_supply sdp3430_vdda_dac_supply =
REGULATOR_SUPPLY("vdda_dac", "omapdss");
static struct omap_board_config_kernel sdp3430_config[] __initdata = {
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