Commit e77af755 authored by Johan Hedberg's avatar Johan Hedberg Committed by Marcel Holtmann

Bluetooth: Fix CID ranges for LE CoC CID allocations

LE CoC used differend CIC ranges than BR/EDR L2CAP. The start of the
range is the same (0x0040) but the range ends at 0x007f (unlike BR/EDR
where it goes all the way to 0xffff).
Signed-off-by: default avatarJohan Hedberg <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarMarcel Holtmann <>
parent aeddd075
......@@ -252,6 +252,7 @@ struct l2cap_conn_rsp {
#define L2CAP_CID_SMP 0x0006
#define L2CAP_CID_DYN_START 0x0040
#define L2CAP_CID_DYN_END 0xffff
#define L2CAP_CID_LE_DYN_END 0x007f
/* connect/create channel results */
#define L2CAP_CR_SUCCESS 0x0000
......@@ -213,9 +213,14 @@ int l2cap_add_scid(struct l2cap_chan *chan, __u16 scid)
static u16 l2cap_alloc_cid(struct l2cap_conn *conn)
u16 cid = L2CAP_CID_DYN_START;
u16 cid, dyn_end;
for (; cid < L2CAP_CID_DYN_END; cid++) {
if (conn->hcon->type == LE_LINK)
dyn_end = L2CAP_CID_LE_DYN_END;
dyn_end = L2CAP_CID_DYN_END;
for (cid = L2CAP_CID_DYN_START; cid < dyn_end; cid++) {
if (!__l2cap_get_chan_by_scid(conn, cid))
return cid;
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