Commit e72d5c7e authored by Chris Metcalf's avatar Chris Metcalf
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arch/tile: avoid unused variable warning in proc.c for tilegx

Until we push the unaligned access support for tilegx, it's silly
to have arch/tile/kernel/proc.c generate a warning about an unused
variable.  Extend the #ifdef to cover all the code and data for now.
Signed-off-by: default avatarChris Metcalf <>
parent d1640130
......@@ -146,7 +146,6 @@ static ctl_table unaligned_table[] = {
static struct ctl_path tile_path[] = {
{ .procname = "tile" },
......@@ -155,10 +154,9 @@ static struct ctl_path tile_path[] = {
static int __init proc_sys_tile_init(void)
#ifndef __tilegx__ /* FIXME: GX: no support for unaligned access yet */
register_sysctl_paths(tile_path, unaligned_table);
return 0;
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