Commit e2082e3a authored by Rob Clark's avatar Rob Clark Committed by Sumit Semwal

dma-buf: headerdoc fixes

Apparently nobody noticed that dma-buf.h wasn't actually pulled into
docbook build.  And as a result the headerdoc comments bitrot a bit.
Add missing params/fields.
Signed-off-by: default avatarRob Clark <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarSumit Semwal <>
parent 852f42a6
......@@ -112,19 +112,24 @@ struct dma_buf_ops {
* @file: file pointer used for sharing buffers across, and for refcounting.
* @attachments: list of dma_buf_attachment that denotes all devices attached.
* @ops: dma_buf_ops associated with this buffer object.
* @lock: used internally to serialize list manipulation, attach/detach and vmap/unmap
* @vmapping_counter: used internally to refcnt the vmaps
* @vmap_ptr: the current vmap ptr if vmapping_counter > 0
* @exp_name: name of the exporter; useful for debugging.
* @owner: pointer to exporter module; used for refcounting when exporter is a
* kernel module.
* @list_node: node for dma_buf accounting and debugging.
* @priv: exporter specific private data for this buffer object.
* @resv: reservation object linked to this dma-buf
* @poll: for userspace poll support
* @cb_excl: for userspace poll support
* @cb_shared: for userspace poll support
struct dma_buf {
size_t size;
struct file *file;
struct list_head attachments;
const struct dma_buf_ops *ops;
/* mutex to serialize list manipulation, attach/detach and vmap/unmap */
struct mutex lock;
unsigned vmapping_counter;
void *vmap_ptr;
......@@ -188,9 +193,11 @@ struct dma_buf_export_info {
* helper macro for exporters; zeros and fills in most common values
* @name: export-info name
struct dma_buf_export_info a = { .exp_name = KBUILD_MODNAME, \
struct dma_buf_export_info name = { .exp_name = KBUILD_MODNAME, \
.owner = THIS_MODULE }
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