Commit e098ff92 authored by Sam Ravnborg's avatar Sam Ravnborg Committed by David S. Miller
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sparc32: drop sun4c stack checking routine

And drop run-time patching too.
Signed-off-by: default avatarSam Ravnborg <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid S. Miller <>
parent 054768a1
......@@ -216,9 +216,7 @@ tsetup_patch6:
/* Call MMU-architecture dependent stack checking
* routine.
.globl tsetup_mmu_patchme
b tsetup_sun4c_stackchk
b tsetup_srmmu_stackchk
andcc %sp, 0x7, %g0
/* Architecture specific stack checking routines. When either
......@@ -228,52 +226,6 @@ tsetup_mmu_patchme:
#define glob_tmp g1
/* Done by caller: andcc %sp, 0x7, %g0 */
bne trap_setup_user_stack_is_bolixed
sra %sp, 29, %glob_tmp
add %glob_tmp, 0x1, %glob_tmp
andncc %glob_tmp, 0x1, %g0
bne trap_setup_user_stack_is_bolixed
and %sp, 0xfff, %glob_tmp ! delay slot
/* See if our dump area will be on more than one
* page.
add %glob_tmp, 0x38, %glob_tmp
andncc %glob_tmp, 0xff8, %g0
be tsetup_sun4c_onepage ! only one page to check
lda [%sp] ASI_PTE, %glob_tmp ! have to check first page anyways
/* Is first page ok permission wise? */
srl %glob_tmp, 29, %glob_tmp
cmp %glob_tmp, 0x6
bne trap_setup_user_stack_is_bolixed
add %sp, 0x38, %glob_tmp /* Is second page in vma hole? */
sra %glob_tmp, 29, %glob_tmp
add %glob_tmp, 0x1, %glob_tmp
andncc %glob_tmp, 0x1, %g0
bne trap_setup_user_stack_is_bolixed
add %sp, 0x38, %glob_tmp
lda [%glob_tmp] ASI_PTE, %glob_tmp
srl %glob_tmp, 29, %glob_tmp
cmp %glob_tmp, 0x6 ! can user write to it?
bne trap_setup_user_stack_is_bolixed ! failure
restore %g0, %g0, %g0
jmpl %t_retpc + 0x8, %g0
mov %t_kstack, %sp
.globl tsetup_srmmu_stackchk
/* Check results of callers andcc %sp, 0x7, %g0 */
......@@ -2144,7 +2144,6 @@ static void __init patch_window_trap_handlers(void)
unsigned long *iaddr, *daddr;
PATCH_BRANCH(tsetup_mmu_patchme, tsetup_srmmu_stackchk);
PATCH_BRANCH(rtrap_mmu_patchme, srmmu_rett_stackchk);
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