Commit dfdee5f0 authored by Jean Delvare's avatar Jean Delvare Committed by Jean Delvare
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i2c: Delete unused adapter IDs

Delete unused I2C adapter IDs. Special cases are:

* I2C_HW_B_RIVA was still set in driver rivafb, however no other
  driver is ever looking for this value, so we can safely remove it.
* I2C_HW_B_HDPVR is used in staging driver lirc_zilog, however no
  adapter ID is ever set to this value, so the code in question never
  runs. As the code additionally expects that I2C_HW_B_HDPVR may not
  be defined, we can delete it now and let the lirc_zilog driver
  maintainer rewrite this piece of code.

Big thanks for Hans Verkuil for doing all the hard work :)
Signed-off-by: default avatarJean Delvare <>
Acked-by: default avatarJarod Wilson <>
Acked-by: default avatarMauro Carvalho Chehab <>
Acked-by: default avatarHans Verkuil <>
parent dc6641be
......@@ -94,7 +94,6 @@ static int __devinit riva_setup_i2c_bus(struct riva_i2c_chan *chan,
strcpy(chan->, name);
chan->adapter.owner = THIS_MODULE;
chan-> = I2C_HW_B_RIVA;
chan->adapter.class = i2c_class;
chan->adapter.algo_data = &chan->algo;
chan-> = &chan->par->pdev->dev;
......@@ -32,28 +32,6 @@
/* --- Bit algorithm adapters */
#define I2C_HW_B_BT848 0x010005 /* BT848 video boards */
#define I2C_HW_B_RIVA 0x010010 /* Riva based graphics cards */
#define I2C_HW_B_ZR36067 0x010019 /* Zoran-36057/36067 based boards */
#define I2C_HW_B_CX2388x 0x01001b /* connexant 2388x based tv cards */
#define I2C_HW_B_EM28XX 0x01001f /* em28xx video capture cards */
#define I2C_HW_B_CX2341X 0x010020 /* Conexant CX2341X MPEG encoder cards */
#define I2C_HW_B_CX23885 0x010022 /* conexant 23885 based tv cards (bus1) */
#define I2C_HW_B_AU0828 0x010023 /* auvitek au0828 usb bridge */
#define I2C_HW_B_CX231XX 0x010024 /* Conexant CX231XX USB based cards */
#define I2C_HW_B_HDPVR 0x010025 /* Hauppauge HD PVR */
/* --- SGI adapters */
#define I2C_HW_SGI_VINO 0x160000
/* --- SMBus only adapters */
#define I2C_HW_SMBUS_W9968CF 0x04000d
#define I2C_HW_SMBUS_OV511 0x04000e /* OV511(+) USB 1.1 webcam ICs */
#define I2C_HW_SMBUS_OV518 0x04000f /* OV518(+) USB 1.1 webcam ICs */
#define I2C_HW_SMBUS_CAFE 0x040012 /* Marvell 88ALP01 "CAFE" cam */
/* --- Miscellaneous adapters */
#define I2C_HW_SAA7146 0x060000 /* SAA7146 video decoder bus */
#define I2C_HW_SAA7134 0x090000 /* SAA7134 video decoder bus */
#endif /* LINUX_I2C_ID_H */
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