Commit df3c3931 authored by Johan Hedberg's avatar Johan Hedberg Committed by Gustavo F. Padovan
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Bluetooth: Fix accepting connect requests for defer_setup

When authentication completes we shouldn't blindly accept any pending
L2CAP connect requests. If the socket has the defer_setup feature
enabled it should still wait for user space acceptance of the connect
request. The issue only happens for non-SSP connections since with SSP
the L2CAP Connect request may not be sent for non-SDP PSMs before
authentication has completed successfully.
Signed-off-by: default avatarJohan Hedberg <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarGustavo F. Padovan <>
parent 6fdf658c
......@@ -4002,21 +4002,30 @@ static int l2cap_security_cfm(struct hci_conn *hcon, u8 status, u8 encrypt)
} else if (sk->sk_state == BT_CONNECT2) {
struct l2cap_conn_rsp rsp;
__u16 result;
__u16 res, stat;
if (!status) {
sk->sk_state = BT_CONFIG;
result = L2CAP_CR_SUCCESS;
if (bt_sk(sk)->defer_setup) {
struct sock *parent = bt_sk(sk)->parent;
res = L2CAP_CR_PEND;
parent->sk_data_ready(parent, 0);
} else {
sk->sk_state = BT_CONFIG;
stat = L2CAP_CS_NO_INFO;
} else {
sk->sk_state = BT_DISCONN;
l2cap_sock_set_timer(sk, HZ / 10);
result = L2CAP_CR_SEC_BLOCK;
stat = L2CAP_CS_NO_INFO;
rsp.scid = cpu_to_le16(chan->dcid);
rsp.dcid = cpu_to_le16(chan->scid);
rsp.result = cpu_to_le16(result);
rsp.status = cpu_to_le16(L2CAP_CS_NO_INFO);
rsp.result = cpu_to_le16(res);
rsp.status = cpu_to_le16(stat);
l2cap_send_cmd(conn, chan->ident, L2CAP_CONN_RSP,
sizeof(rsp), &rsp);
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