Commit dd5c9311 authored by Chandan Rajendra's avatar Chandan Rajendra Committed by David Sterba
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Btrfs: btrfs_check_super_valid: Allow 4096 as stripesize

Older btrfs-progs/mkfs.btrfs sets 4096 as the stripesize. Hence
restricting stripesize to be equal to sectorsize would cause super block
validation to return an error on architectures where PAGE_SIZE is not
equal to 4096.

Hence as a workaround, this commit allows stripesize to be set to 4096
Signed-off-by: default avatarChandan Rajendra <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid Sterba <>
parent 89c5a544
......@@ -4134,7 +4134,8 @@ static int btrfs_check_super_valid(struct btrfs_fs_info *fs_info,
ret = -EINVAL;
if (!is_power_of_2(btrfs_super_stripesize(sb)) ||
btrfs_super_stripesize(sb) != sectorsize) {
((btrfs_super_stripesize(sb) != sectorsize) &&
(btrfs_super_stripesize(sb) != 4096))) {
btrfs_err(fs_info, "invalid stripesize %u",
ret = -EINVAL;
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