Commit da2f4d67 authored by Nathan Scott's avatar Nathan Scott
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[XFS] Map EFSCORRUPTED to an actual error code, not just a made up one

(990).	Turns out some ye-olde unices used EUCLEAN as
Filesystem-needs-cleaning, so now we use that too.

SGI-PV: 953954
SGI-Modid: xfs-linux-melb:xfs-kern:26286a
Signed-off-by: default avatarNathan Scott <>
parent 0d8fee32
...@@ -194,25 +194,9 @@ BUFFER_FNS(PrivateStart, unwritten); ...@@ -194,25 +194,9 @@ BUFFER_FNS(PrivateStart, unwritten);
/* bytes to clicks */ /* bytes to clicks */
#define btoc(x) (((__psunsigned_t)(x)+(NBPC-1))>>BPCSHIFT) #define btoc(x) (((__psunsigned_t)(x)+(NBPC-1))>>BPCSHIFT)
#ifndef ENOATTR
#define ENOATTR ENODATA /* Attribute not found */ #define ENOATTR ENODATA /* Attribute not found */
#endif #define EWRONGFS EINVAL /* Mount with wrong filesystem type */
#define EFSCORRUPTED EUCLEAN /* Filesystem is corrupted */
/* Note: EWRONGFS never visible outside the kernel */
#define EWRONGFS EINVAL /* Mount with wrong filesystem type */
* XXX EFSCORRUPTED needs a real value in errno.h. asm-i386/errno.h won't
* return codes out of its known range in errno.
* XXX Also note: needs to be < 1000 and fairly unique on Linux (mustn't
* conflict with any code we use already or any code a driver may use)
* XXX Some options (currently we do #2):
* 1/ New error code ["Filesystem is corrupted", _after_ glibc updated]
* 2/ 990 ["Unknown error 990"]
* 3/ EUCLEAN ["Structure needs cleaning"]
* 4/ Convert EFSCORRUPTED to EIO [just prior to return into userspace]
#define EFSCORRUPTED 990 /* Filesystem is corrupted */
#define SYNCHRONIZE() barrier() #define SYNCHRONIZE() barrier()
#define __return_address __builtin_return_address(0) #define __return_address __builtin_return_address(0)
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