Commit d767efe3 authored by Benjamin Herrenschmidt's avatar Benjamin Herrenschmidt Committed by Paul Mackerras
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[POWERPC] cell: Add Cell memory controller register defs and expose it

This adds definitions for the Cell memory controller registers (at
least some of them) for use by the EDAC driver for ECC error reporting.

It also expose the said MIC as a platform device that can be used
by the EDAC driver to match on.
Signed-off-by: default avatarBenjamin Herrenschmidt <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarPaul Mackerras <>
parent eef686a0
......@@ -83,12 +83,22 @@ static void cell_progress(char *s, unsigned short hex)
static int __init cell_publish_devices(void)
int node;
if (!machine_is(cell))
return 0;
/* Publish OF platform devices for southbridge IOs */
of_platform_bus_probe(NULL, NULL, NULL);
/* There is no device for the MIC memory controller, thus we create
* a platform device for it to attach the EDAC driver to.
for_each_online_node(node) {
if (cbe_get_cpu_mic_tm_regs(cbe_node_to_cpu(node)) == NULL)
platform_device_register_simple("cbe-mic", node, NULL, 0);
return 0;
......@@ -244,16 +244,60 @@ struct cbe_mic_tm_regs {
u64 slow_fast_timer_0; /* 0x0090 */
u64 slow_next_timer_0; /* 0x0098 */
u8 pad_0x00a0_0x01c0[0x01c0 - 0x0a0]; /* 0x00a0 */
u8 pad_0x00a0_0x00f8[0x00f8 - 0x00a0]; /* 0x00a0 */
u64 mic_df_ecc_address_0; /* 0x00f8 */
u8 pad_0x0100_0x01b8[0x01b8 - 0x0100]; /* 0x0100 */
u64 mic_df_ecc_address_1; /* 0x01b8 */
u64 mic_ctl_cnfg_1; /* 0x01c0 */
#define CBE_MIC_DISABLE_PWR_SAV_1 0x8000000000000000LL
u64 pad_0x01c8; /* 0x01c8 */
u64 slow_fast_timer_1; /* 0x01d0 */
u64 slow_next_timer_1; /* 0x01d8 */
u8 pad_0x01e0_0x1000[0x1000 - 0x01e0]; /* 0x01e0 */
u8 pad_0x01e0_0x0208[0x0208 - 0x01e0]; /* 0x01e0 */
u64 mic_exc; /* 0x0208 */
#define CBE_MIC_EXC_BLOCK_SCRUB 0x0800000000000000ULL
#define CBE_MIC_EXC_FAST_SCRUB 0x0100000000000000ULL
u64 mic_mnt_cfg; /* 0x0210 */
#define CBE_MIC_MNT_CFG_CHAN_0_POP 0x0002000000000000ULL
#define CBE_MIC_MNT_CFG_CHAN_1_POP 0x0004000000000000ULL
u64 mic_df_config; /* 0x0218 */
#define CBE_MIC_ECC_DISABLE_0 0x4000000000000000ULL
#define CBE_MIC_ECC_REP_SINGLE_0 0x2000000000000000ULL
#define CBE_MIC_ECC_DISABLE_1 0x0080000000000000ULL
#define CBE_MIC_ECC_REP_SINGLE_1 0x0040000000000000ULL
u8 pad_0x0220_0x0230[0x0230 - 0x0220]; /* 0x0220 */
u64 mic_fir; /* 0x0230 */
#define CBE_MIC_FIR_ECC_SINGLE_0_ERR 0x0200000000000000ULL
#define CBE_MIC_FIR_ECC_MULTI_0_ERR 0x0100000000000000ULL
#define CBE_MIC_FIR_ECC_SINGLE_1_ERR 0x0080000000000000ULL
#define CBE_MIC_FIR_ECC_MULTI_1_ERR 0x0040000000000000ULL
#define CBE_MIC_FIR_ECC_ERR_MASK 0xffff000000000000ULL
#define CBE_MIC_FIR_ECC_SINGLE_0_CTE 0x0000020000000000ULL
#define CBE_MIC_FIR_ECC_MULTI_0_CTE 0x0000010000000000ULL
#define CBE_MIC_FIR_ECC_SINGLE_1_CTE 0x0000008000000000ULL
#define CBE_MIC_FIR_ECC_MULTI_1_CTE 0x0000004000000000ULL
#define CBE_MIC_FIR_ECC_CTE_MASK 0x0000ffff00000000ULL
#define CBE_MIC_FIR_ECC_SINGLE_0_RESET 0x0000000002000000ULL
#define CBE_MIC_FIR_ECC_MULTI_0_RESET 0x0000000001000000ULL
#define CBE_MIC_FIR_ECC_SINGLE_1_RESET 0x0000000000800000ULL
#define CBE_MIC_FIR_ECC_MULTI_1_RESET 0x0000000000400000ULL
#define CBE_MIC_FIR_ECC_RESET_MASK 0x00000000ffff0000ULL
#define CBE_MIC_FIR_ECC_SINGLE_0_SET 0x0000000000000200ULL
#define CBE_MIC_FIR_ECC_MULTI_0_SET 0x0000000000000100ULL
#define CBE_MIC_FIR_ECC_SINGLE_1_SET 0x0000000000000080ULL
#define CBE_MIC_FIR_ECC_MULTI_1_SET 0x0000000000000040ULL
#define CBE_MIC_FIR_ECC_SET_MASK 0x000000000000ffffULL
u64 mic_fir_debug; /* 0x0238 */
u8 pad_0x0240_0x1000[0x1000 - 0x0240]; /* 0x0240 */
extern struct cbe_mic_tm_regs __iomem *cbe_get_mic_tm_regs(struct device_node *np);
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