Commit d45a398f authored by Uwe Kleine-König's avatar Uwe Kleine-König

Use kernel/Kconfig.preempt for ARM

before this patch ARM had it's own definition of CONFIG_PREEMPT.
Instead of that use the general definition provided in

This patch changes the available options in *config.  Namely PREEMPT
isn't a stand alone bool anymore, but part of a 'choice' the
following Kconfig symbols are added:


Selecting PREEMPT_NONE now produces exactly the code as not selecting
PREEMPT before (apart from a comment in
/sys/kernel/debug/tracing/(per_cpu/cpuX/)?trace).  The only difference
PREEMPT_VOLUNTARY does is that might_resched might reschedule.  Both
should't introduce regressions.
Signed-off-by: default avatarUwe Kleine-König <>
Cc: Russell King <>
parent 0d928b0b
......@@ -962,18 +962,7 @@ config LOCAL_TIMERS
accounting to be spread across the timer interval, preventing a
"thundering herd" at every timer tick.
config PREEMPT
bool "Preemptible Kernel (EXPERIMENTAL)"
This option reduces the latency of the kernel when reacting to
real-time or interactive events by allowing a low priority process to
be preempted even if it is in kernel mode executing a system call.
This allows applications to run more reliably even when the system is
under load.
Say Y here if you are building a kernel for a desktop, embedded
or real-time system. Say N if you are unsure.
source kernel/Kconfig.preempt
config HZ
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